The Question Is Should Godzilla Fight Gamera?

Written by Barney Buckley

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This is a question that most people would like to know why they think this is a good idea and as I explained and make comparisons throughout the story keep in mind these are my opinions and not facts and there are some facts in here that will relate to and somehow contribute to the decision that I came to.  In my humble opinion for these two guys to fight I am not a big fan of crossovers and this is no exception.  These are two iconic monsters that grew up in cinema since 1954 and 1965 respectively.

Godzilla is the more popular of the two however as of late Gamera has been gaining popularity and is very close on Godzilla’s tail.  There are a lot of fans out there would like to see both of these guys fighting and there are different scenarios that make sense and do not make sense.  The first is to have and to fight you have serious Godzilla fans and serious Gamera fans who if either one of them should lose it would be a catastrophe.

Godzilla is one of those monsters that a majority of fans have the ideology that he cannot be stopped and I think that is absolutely preposterous.  I am sure there are some creatures out there that could give Godzilla a run for his money one that I think is “The Kraken” some say “Cthulhu” who is as big as an island could be Godzilla but there are those fans who get upset when they find out that Godzilla is not the most powerful thing on the planet.

Let us make comparisons between the two monsters Godzilla at his tallest is Godzilla 2014 he stands at a height of 355 feet tall and believe it or not he is not the most powerful of the Godzilla’s either, but he is the biggest.

Gamera at his tallest is in the Heisei Series he stands at a height of 60 m or 180 feet tall, so technically Gamera is too small to fight the majority of Godzilla’s out there.  The closest one he could fight would be the original 1954 or perhaps the 1984 which stood at 80 m anything beyond that Godzilla was too huge for Gamera.

Now we will talk about the weapons that both of these monsters possess.  First Godzilla has door in the Heisei Series what is called a nuclear pulse that can generate tremendous amounts of energy that can do major damage up close.  Gamera does not possess that.  Godzilla also has what is called an atomic breath which can generate massive amounts of damage if used.  Godzilla also has a height advantage as well as mass he is in most cases a lot heavier than Gamera.

Now let us talk about Gamera’s weapons he has the capabilities of flying which Godzilla cannot unless he uses his breath and even though he could use his breath he cannot maneuver like Gamera.  Gamera is very stealthy in the air as he spends to the sky.  Gamera also possesses according to the Heisei Series and this is where people make a mistake they compare most Godzilla’s with the Showa Series versions of Gamera.  Gamera in the Showa Series did in fact have a different weapon Gamera did breathe fire all through the Showa Series.  So to compare the two of them is like comparing apples to oranges while Godzilla’s atomic breath is for more powerful than Gamera’s fire breath.

In the Heisei Series Gamera has a new weapon that is called plasma balls now here is where I make actual facts and make comparisons and why I think Gamera is much more destructive in this area.  First if you ever look up anything on plasma you know the actual temperature of plasma reaches that of the sun it is extremely hot and much more powerful than anything atomic.  Because Gamera possesses plasma balls it would only take one of these maybe two to completely annihilate a Godzilla if they were to confront each other.  If Gamera were to get hit by the atomic blast of a Godzilla it would definitely do some major damage to him unless Godzilla stays on it until he is completely burned through then he could kill Gamera.  However if Gamera were to get a straight shot at Godzilla.  Godzilla would not survive such a temperature as it would completely disintegrate him.  Though there would be some fans out there that would disagree with what I said simply because they can see beyond the fact that Godzilla can be stopped.

Godzilla be in the more powerful of the two beasts if he did not get struck by the plasma balls he would deftly have the edge over Gamera however because Gamera has flight capabilities and can shoot plasma balls from the air Godzilla would not stand a chance.

Keep in mind this is how I would see it.  It would technically be somewhat of a draw because of what I stated above Gamera can get the edge if he took flight and destroyed Godzilla from the air however Godzilla has an atomic breath and can distract Gamera and shoot them out of the sky.  When it comes to weapons Gamera is much more devastating because of his plasma balls now if we took the original Gamera from 1965 which breeze fire clearly he would not have a shot against Godzilla however the Heisei Series Gamera does simply because the plasma balls are more destructive than atomic breath because of its temperature.  We all know that atomic breath can only reach a maximum of 1200° before meltdown.  Where the plasma balls reached the temperature of the sun which I believe is 2 to 3000° so this is a devastating weapon.

Anyway my thoughts on this it would be a good fight and it could go either way even though there are videos out there that say Gamera could lose easily to Godzilla and because of what I mentioned before it would not happen like that.  Let us talk about why people think this would be a good fight I do not agree with this these guys are classified as icons in the monster genre and like I mentioned earlier fans would get upset if one or the other loses and we do not want that.  Here is my take they should create a legend or folklore about a creature that is hidden deep in the ocean and can be called upon to assist other monsters.  That kind of philosophy have Gamera help Godzilla in some sort away or they were initially clash in the beginning of the movie and come to terms and realize they have to team up in order to beat other monsters.

I am the kind of person that would not mind seeing something like this however I am also the kind of person that if it never happens I would not complain about it.  This is because these are two iconic monsters and then he did take their own path when it comes to the movies.  This way we get a lot of Kaiju movies instead of these crossovers.  I would like to see and it would be a costly movie and make atomic crossover of Kaiju’s and what I mean by that is Godzilla, Gamera, a lot of other Kaiju’s within the Godzilla genre, Pacific Rim, and have an all-out mighty Kaiju battle that would be cool and expensive at the same time.  These are my thoughts on what I think about Gamera fighting Godzilla. 

The End


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