The Creation of Gamera

Written by Barney Buckley

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As we all know Gamera is a gigantic monster or Kaiju that is one of the original Japanese Tokusatsu films that first came out in 1965 by the company known as Daiei Films. This particular film when it first came out was supposed to rival that of The Toho Motion Picture Companies Godzilla films. However Gamera did in fact gain fame and notoriety as a Japanese icon in his own right. This particular icon has appeared in comic books and video games as well.

During the 1970s a day gain popularity on UHF television stations that would actually feature Saturday afternoon matinee showcases like Creature Double Feature. As Well as a popular TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000.

As we all know the original film came out in 1965 in Japan and made his last appearance in the final film as far as we know Gamera the Brave which came out 2006. Yonejiro Saito was in fact the producer of the original 1965 film. Much like Tomoyuki Tanaka did with the Godzilla films from 1954 to 1995 shortly before his passing.

The famous flying Terrapin comes by many names is called Gamera the Invincible, Super Monster, Guardian of the Universe, The Last Hope, The Brave, and The Absolute Guardian of the Universe, Friend of All Children, and Guardian Super Monster.

As we all know Gamera’s description or his looks resembles that of a gigantic turtle and a very large one at that. It does in fact walk on two legs and it flies. He does occasionally walk on all fours just like he did in the first three films. They are Gamera the Invincible 1965, Gamera versus Barugon 1966, and finally Gamera versus Gyaos which came out in 1967. Most of these films Dorner Showa Series literally came out one year apart. Except during the end.

Gamera does possess a very pronounced sagittal crest on top of his head and during the Heisei Series especially in Gamera versus Iris which came out in 1999 is very pronounced. The mouth obviously is filled with a lot of sharp teeth which technically is unprecedented in turtles. Plus the most famous aspect of our Gamera or his large tusks that protrude from his lower jaw up passes upper jaw.

Gamera is a fire breathing prehistoric gigantic turtle that actually feeds off all petroleum-based materials were the Showa Series of Gamera films. He also has the ability to raise that fire and fly by “jets” that ignite from his shells were used for legs are and he spends in a circle in the air.

Gamera’s Capabilities and Weaknesses

Gamera’s carapace is extremely resilient and very strong as it seems missiles and other weaponry merely bounce off of this particular shell. There were a few occasions where the carapace did in fact faltered most locally when the Showa Series the alien Kaiju Guiron hammer down on his shell in the same spot several times eventually cutting through making Gamera bleed. The giant flying Kaiju Gyaos used his sonic beam on Gamera’s carapace as well.

Other instances we see the giant shark like Kaiju Zigra did in fact use is paralyzing right on Gamera as well as in the 1966 movie Gamera versus Barugon we see Barugon uses rainbow weapon however it could not penetrate Gamera’s carapace.

As we all know during the Showa Series Gamera did in fact feed on petroleum fuels as he was attracted by other heat sources. He could breathe intensely hot streams of flames from his mouth if he was caught in a more serious situation you would use this particular weapon. Now during the Heisei Series this particular version of Gamera on the other hand did not need to feed off of any kind of petroleum type fuels. As this Gamera was created by The Guardians of the Universe and he had a pretty amazing weapon he could literally shoot or blast off gigantic plasma fireballs from his mouth.

These are very quick and very accurate plasma balls. That are very highly explosive. According to scientific fact if you treat plasma the way they do is intensity and heat can reach the temperature of the song, so this weapon in my opinion is much more destructive and much more intense than that of Godzilla’s atomic breath. Which if you use Godzilla versus Destroyah’s maximum temperature was at 1200° before actually breaking down melting away, so I am under the assumption that his internal temperature of the atomic breath could reach 1200° maximum as far as we know.

The new Heisei Series Gamera can also absorb what is called Earth’s Mana which is the life essence of planet Earth and he can release it in an extremely powerful stream of pure plasma from his chest. Another very impressive weapon that Gamera possesses in the Heisei Series. During the movie Gamera versus Irys which came out in 1999 he did manage to go ahead and blast off his arm and absorb plasma fireballs that was shot by the Southern Guardian they call Irys. He used a particular glowing snow as a group back into an arm made of plasma and eventually force it into Irys destroying him.

Gamera also has capabilities of fly and he pulls his arms and legs as well as his head and tail into a shell and fires flames of the sockets of the carapace and begins to spend and fly around like a flying saucer. This is done during the Showa Series as well as the Heisei Series of Gamera films and this also includes the Shinsei Series version of Toto in the movie Gamera the Brave came out in 2006.

Now to further add Gamera’s capabilities he does in fact have some additional weapons one being during the Heisei Series he does sport sharp spikes that protrude from his elbows and he uses them like daggers were slashing weapons. You would only see these in the beginning of the Heisei Series and eventually you would see them on a permanent basis during the last two films of the Heisei Series.

One Gamera is seriously injured does in fact answer a call on state in order for him to heal. All the Gameras do this. He also has a tendency to do this to full his opponents into thinking that he is dead. Gamera does in fact have a major weakness that is extreme cold as we do see it in the movie Gamera versus Barugon which Barugon has another impressive weapon he extends a tube like tongue and it can emit a freezing stream of refrigerant which Lily freezes everything in contact. As well as scientists in the first two films did in fact try to use special freezing bombs to stop Gamera. This is a weak point for Gamera!


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