Godzilla vs Gamera: The Saviors of Earth

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com


Chapter 1

Origins of Emperor Gamera

Deep in outer space a meteor shooting through like a shooting star, and it is heading towards the planet Earth. The date would be 1915 as it heads into the atmosphere of the planet it suddenly crashes in the Tibetan mountain ranges of China. Where he lays dormant and cooling off until the present day. It is now 2015 exactly 100 years after the meteor crashed in the Tibetan mountain ranges of China. Suddenly something is happening within the meteor it is leaking a black liquid and suddenly the meteor cracked wide open.

A whole godly amount of liquid splashes out all over the ground and is suddenly starts to solidify and crystallize to the point where monolith crystals are growing as it slowly forms what seems to be recognizable as a monster. We now know this meteor is from another planet and whatever was in this meteor is definitely a monster as it is slowly being created. This monster is taken on a form that is not recognizable and it stands around 120 m tall. Apparently it has a special cell regenerative agent within its body that allows it to take any form in likes.

As it is slowly developing it has on its back what looks like jet propulsion system that is very raw in nature and not fully developed. This monster looks into the sky and suddenly the turbine start to shake as they blast what looks like steam and suddenly fire and this monster takes to the air and begins to spend in a recognizable spin.

We all know on this planet the monster Gamera has not existed for well over 50 years it has not been seen since the attacks on Tokyo. It suddenly crash lands in a wooded area that has a small stream running through it and it is very quiet as nature’s creatures begin to run away from this gigantic menace. The creature suddenly notices a small turtle on the edge of the stream and looks at it and suddenly the monster’s eyes glow red and it suddenly transforms into what looks like a gigantic turtle with huge tusks on its lower jaw we now know this is a new Gamera.

This new Gamera is a lot larger than any Gamera that has been on this planet. Most of the Gamera’s that have been on this planet range anywhere from 60 to 80 m tall this particular monster is over 120 m tall it is the biggest of all the Gamera’s and it has special markings that no other Gamera has. The recognizable markings are his shell is different as they can flip up and down and move from side to side and it has over eight different looking propulsion systems on its shell as it is capable of taking off at a standpoint position. No other Gamera possesses this this is truly unique when it comes to Gamera’s.

This particular Gamera also has the most effective of all weapons that other Gamera’s have this Gamera has plasma balls as well as aeronautical maneuverability in the air and the shell on its outside is blade like so as it is spinning it can slice anything it comes in contact with. The most unique thing about this Gamera is the fact that it can bring back other Gamera’s back to life if it is transformed into what legends call Emperor Gamera this is the most majestic of all Gameras, and yes it is the largest of all the Gamera’s it is the king of all Gamera’s. It has a special weapon when turned into Emperor Gamera it can bring other Gamera’s back to life. In order for him to do this Gamera would have to go back to the Tibetan mountain ranges and somehow burrow in to the mountain ranges down into a cavern were all the Gamera’s have gone to die. It is called “The Gamera Boneyard” this can only happen when this particular Gamera is transformed into Emperor Gamera.

To do this one has to contact “The Great Priestess of Azumi” this priestess is in charge and has the power to summon the Great Spirit Azumi Kaisul who can change any Gamera into the all-powerful Emperor Gamera. Once Gamera has transformed into his familiar figure his shell plating’s open up and the turbines come out of the shell and begin to blast off as he takes to the sky. He then disappears into the ocean to rest and fully develop for this will take time.

Chapter 2

The Creation of a Monster Call That Godzilla

There is a race of aliens that come from the Planet X they are called Xilliens and this particular planet of aliens is located just past the planet Pluto in the far regions of the outside moon there lies Planet X. This is a truly evil and race of aliens that have very high technology and can specialize in hybrid creations of gigantic Kaiju’s. They also have the capabilities of transporting these Kaiju’s to other planets to serve their purpose.

The creation of Godzilla started with the Xilliens going to certain planets and grabbing the creatures that they feel would make great Kaiju’s and they transport them back to their planet and do what they need to do with them to create their Kaiju’s. Godzilla is no exception the Xilliens went to planet Earth during the prehistoric times and grabbed a dinosaur called Crocasaurus Rex which is classified as a super crocodile and is a four-long legged crocodile that walks on land and water. This was taken from the planet Earth and the other prehistoric alien like dinosaur that they use for hybrid technology is called Dynacasaurus. These particular alien like dinosaurs resemble the iguanas here on planet Earth except they are 10 times larger than an iguana.

This particular monster is very unique as the hybrid technology combined and both creatures to create Godzilla not knowing that the alien dinosaur had the capabilities of atomic energy and so doing cell Godzilla has the capabilities of a nuclear pulse and atomic breath which can destroy anything it hits. It also has a gigantic powerful tail that can destroy anything it whips.

The Xilliens finally created Godzilla and they are planning to use this particular monster on the planet Earth. Their ideal is to take over the planet because their planet has been stripped of all its resources and the Xilliens can no longer sustain on this planet so they need another planet to live on so their ideal is to take over planet Earth.

What the Xilliens did not realizes this particular Kaiju was very susceptible to the conditions of Planet X and it grew from the normal 50 m to over 120 m making this the largest Godzilla ever. They did not anticipate the monster to grow like it did so they had to come up with something new in order to contain they created a helmet which locks onto the head of the monster and there they can control it and they do well doing it. They also inject the monster with enzymes that if it does get out of control all it has to do is release a certain chemical in the monster’s body and the enzymes will lead the monster inside all the way out until he disappears.

Chapter 3

Xilliens New Creature

The Xilliens have been working on the hybrid technology for quite some time now and in the process of creating Godzilla it also created another monster with unique abilities. This particular creature that they are creating was created with four legs a gigantic tail and a Dragon like head. This monster is called Goliath. It stands over 400 feet tall and is twice the size of Godzilla with wise. This particular monster is extremely huge. It special weapon will be mentioned later on. This particular monster has a lot of Godzilla like features and it is classified as a space Godzilla, but the monster’s name is called Goliath.

This monster also has a particular weapon it can extract little tiny creatures with crystallized spikes all around their body they can be impaled into his enemy or stepped on. These are very effective against the enemies it could shoot these guys out and given time and they are called Gryodans.

Chapter 4

The Military Might

The military on planet Earth is realigned and created a new organization simply because of the constant attack of Kaiju’s on earth. This particular group is called WSDF (World Self Defense Force) this is the mighty force that has many legions of soldiers from all over the world that are fitted with the special suits call cyber suits that are very heavily armored and loaded with weapons. Also the suits are submersible as they can breathe underwater or most conditions without taken off their masks as well as protection. The suits are heavily armored and they can withstand most blasts. These particular soldiers are called Cyber Soldiers.

These particular soldiers are dispersed whenever the earth is under attack and they are hidden all over the world so they are formed when they are called upon. These particular cyber soldiers also have a military might with heavily armored tanks as well as air attack helicopters. They also have maser tanks.

Chapter 5

The Story As It Unfolds

As we all know the existence of Gamera he is somewhere located in the Pacific Ocean resting. Back on the Planet X after the creation of Godzilla and the monster Goliath they are transported into the Xilliens spaceship’s by means of the shrinking them down into DNA particles and reanimated in the earth’s atmosphere when the time comes. Because of the destruction of their planet they need to act fast as a huge squadron of these Xilliens ships take off from their planet and head towards the planet Earth.

The Xilliens ship that holds both monsters goes ahead of the squadron to be at planet Earth first and released the monsters on the total destruction of the planet. Both monsters are definitely under the control of the Xilliens by mind control from the use of a special machine that is equipped on the Xilliens ship and the Xilliens would take a seat in the mind control is incorporated with a special helmet that they put on their head there are two of the seeds because they are two monsters each one is controlled separately and the Xilliens control them separately when they are released.

The Xilliens ship shows up on the planet and it is very dark as it is night as they slowly disappear into the world small lake located in Tokyo Japan. They then release Godzilla as he rises out of the lake and he heads towards Tokyo. No one has ever seen a monster like this they have had Kaiju on this planet but nothing like this. As he thunders towards the city and he makes his way towards the city he immediately uses his atomic breath and strikes all the buildings as they crumble to dust as he begins to destroy the city of Tokyo.

Meanwhile in the Pacific Ocean were Gamera is located at. He suddenly wakes up and senses there is a threat located in Tokyo he immediately takes off and blasts out of the ocean and starts spinning and flying towards Tokyo. He starts spinning and sees the mighty beast they call Godzilla he then immediately spends into a standup position and crash lands just in front of Godzilla. Gamera immediately lets out a gigantic roar that echoes across the sky and Godzilla does the same thing and then suddenly the Xilliens program Godzilla to attack Gamera. He blasts Gamera with his atomic breath and immediately knocks Gamera to the ground from this powerful weapon. Now Gamera is not very agile simply because he has a large carapace were shell that makes it awkward for him to maneuver unless he is in the air. He slowly gets up as he looks at Godzilla he suddenly blasts his Godzilla with his plasma balls. Godzilla is knocked off balance from the plasma ball as he is badly burned because the plasma balls are much more intense than that of his atomic breath.

Both Gamera and Godzilla slowly approach each other and start throwing fists at each other however Godzilla is more massive than Gamera and he has that massive tail as he does in fact use it and knocks Gamera to the ground. Godzilla then puts his foot on Gamera and begins to blast him with his atomic breath on his face and Gamera immediately tucks his head back into his shell. His arms and legs and immediately tucked inside Godzilla does not understand what is going on as he begins to spend underneath Godzilla’s foot. He spent so fast it knocks Godzilla to the ground as Gamera takes to the air and as he is flying he sticks his head out and immediately shoots plasma balls at Godzilla from the air. In aerial assault that Godzilla cannot fight off. Godzilla uses his atomic breath to try to knock Gamera out of the air but misses because Gamera in his aerial assault is just too quick for Godzilla’s atomic breath and aim.

Gamera flies at a very rapid rate and so fast that Godzilla cannot keep up with it as Gamera maneuvers behind Godzilla he immediately clips him and knocks him to the ground. The Xilliens who control Godzilla realize they cannot stop Gamera as they realize that Gamera did in fact knockout Godzilla. It is then that the Xilliens decided to release the monster Goliath. Gamera is flying through the air when he suddenly sees a gigantic monster appearing between the wrecked buildings as it raises his head and destroyed everything in its path because of its massive this Gamera realizes he needs help.

Chapter 6

The Creation of Emperor Gamera

By this time the second barrage of Xilliens ships finally show up on the planet Earth and the Xilliens forewarn the people of planet Earth of their intentions. They are taking control of the planet. This is where the military might of World Self Defense Force go into immediate action. Meanwhile Gamera has taken off and heads is heading towards the Tibetan mountain ranges located in China. They are located within the mountain range is what people call “The Gamera Boneyard” Gamera slowly spends into a complete stop and lands at the base of the mountain range very close to the “Great Priestess of Azumi” this particular priestess has the power to release the spirit of the Emperor that converts any Gamera into the most powerful version of a Gamera.

The priestess lives in a cave and praise to the Gamera stone which is a stone that is carved and looks like an evil version of Gamera however this is the Emperor Gamera who is a benevolent one and not so much evil as it is very wise and majestic version of Gamera. The priestess steps outside and notices Gamera looking straight at her as she is startled she has never seen a real Gamera up close and personal. The priestess and Gamera look at each other and the priestess realizes he means her no harm and he is there for the very reason that she is the Great Priestess of Azumi. She understands and knows what she needs to do as she enters back into the cave and praise to the mystic God of Emperor and after she is done with her prayer suddenly a black and purplish smoke seeps out of the stone and worked his way outside and heads towards Gamera and Gamera consumes it breeds it in.

It is then that Gamera begins to go through a change and he is increasing in size because he was originally 80 m tall he is now grown to 120 m and his looks are not as friendly looking as they used to be this is because of the Emperor was originally a nightmare Gamera. Nightmare Gamera’s have a tendency to not respect human life as they are the truest evil versions of Gamera. However this particular Gamera felt the need to do right for his evil doings and what he has done to the humans when he existed. He is hell-bent on doing the right thing and that is exactly what he is doing now he is taken over Gamera’s mind and body and becoming what is called the Emperor Gamera.

Emperor Gamera stands up and takes flight as he heads to the other side of the Tibetan mountain range where “The Gamera Boneyard” is located at as he knows where it is he immediately smashes into the base the mountain and digs his way in and keeps digging until he reaches a cavern which is very huge and at the base of the cavern is many many Gamera’s that have served for this planet and has since been gone. Gamera slowly spends to the base of the cavern and lands on his feet and looks around to see many different incarnations of Gamera as he has to choose at least three Gamera’s and bring them back to life.

Emperor Gamera roars and his eyes light up as he has the power to raise Gamera from the dead and he does it in sequence the Gamera’s that he raises are called Gamera R1, Gamera R2, and Gamera R3. Suddenly his entire body starts to glow red it is such a bright glow that it covers the entire cavern and suddenly three of the dead shells start lighting up as we see the Gamera’s coming back to life and all three Gamera’s stand up in front of this mighty Emperor Gamera as they begin to be explained as to why they were woken up Emperor Gamera explains her situation and they understand.

It is then after the changes he has become Emperor Gamera as he stands up and roars it is a thunderous and evil roar and it echoes across the sky. Gamera now has full thrusters all the way through his carapace as he uses them without hesitation and take straight for the sky and heads back towards Tokyo Japan. The other three Gamera’s do the same thing they roar as they take for the sky we now have four Gamera’s heading towards Tokyo Japan.

Chapter 7

Monsters Attack

Meanwhile back in Tokyo Godzilla filing wakes up from being knocked out by Gamera. Only to discover that there is a gigantic monster looming over him. He gets up and realizes that this monster Goliath is his friend and they both proceed to destroy the city. Meanwhile the military have come up with a harsh plan to somehow take control of the monsters, but the question is how are they going to do this. Because they cannot beat these monsters, so instead of beating them they are try to take control of them. A scientist that is working for the World Self Defense Force has a weapon that he has been working on for over 30 years and he thinks he finally perfected it. It is a weapon that sends out ultra-frequency radio waves through the air that will disband any kind of connections with conductors.

Godzilla is controlled by the Xilliens would special conductors that are located within the monster’s body and the military all they have to do is burn out those conductors and if it is a smart thing they are going to try it anyway. Meanwhile Goliath and Godzilla are destroyed Tokyo at a very rapid rate so the military need to get that weapon out there and hopefully they can take control or break the mind control of the Xilliens over Godzilla and to see what Godzilla would do once the control is broken.

They set up the machine and they begin to test it as a switch on the machine the tank that carries the weapon is loaded with 12 gigantic diodes that send out radio waves and they switch on the machine even though you cannot see it suddenly Godzilla and the monster Goliath*shaking our heads crazy it is then that the Xilliens realize are going to lose control of these monsters. They keep the machine on until we see explosions coming from Godzilla’s ears and the monster as well it falls to the ground and so does Godzilla.

Both monsters lay there shaking it is then suddenly the monster Goliath suddenly rises up because the Xilliens still have control over this monster. However they lost control of Godzilla. Goliath screams and roars into the night sky and suddenly Godzilla gets up shakes his head and looks at this monster and immediately is dorsal plates start lighting up for “pop, pop, pop, pop” and suddenly he blasts Goliath directly into the head scorching and pretty bad and at the same time upsetting the monster. Godzilla roars and swings back and forth to let him know that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Goliath does not have any special powers not as of yet however we will soon see what he is capable of. Godzilla hits him again with the atomic breath and then suddenly Goliath starts glowing red with purplish and orange tent Godzilla stands back as he is amazed at what he is seeing. He is actually seen the monster split into and after they both form into what they really are we now realize that this monster is called Space Godzilla and the Xilliens have this special weapon that literally takes the monster and duplicates and perhaps triples the monsters in this case it was duplicated so we now have two Godzilla’s that looked like Godzilla except they had gigantic crystals on their shoulders which emit high intensity electrical bolts of lightning and can do major damage.

Godzilla does his best to fight off both Space Godzilla’s however it is not enough as the military get in formation they start attacking the one Space Godzilla while Godzilla fights the other Space Godzilla however the Space Godzilla is much too powerful for Godzilla, but he tries his best it is then that we start seeing for spinning lights in the sky. The four Gamera’s finally show up and crash land right in front of the two Space Godzilla’s and Godzilla. Both Space Godzilla’s, Godzilla and the military look at the for Gamera’s as they are all completely different and they have different sizes to them as well. Emperor Gamera obviously is the largest one of the bunch he stands over 120 m tall and then Gamera R3 is the largest of the three Gamera’s he stands at 100 m tall and Gamera R2 stands at 80 m tall while the smallest one only stands at 60 m tall.

Chapter 8

Befriending a Monster

It is then that both Space Godzilla’s and Godzilla look at all the Gamera’s and wonder if they are friend or follow. Emperor Gamera looks at Godzilla and realizes he is different from the last time he fault with him he senses that this Godzilla is no longer under control and by the looks of the two Space Godzilla’s he has been fighting them so he realizes that Godzilla has been fighting them. Ever Gamera looks at the other three Gamera’s and communicate with them and pretty much tells them help Godzilla fight these two Space Godzilla’s.

All for Gamera’s take flight and begin to blast both Space Godzilla’s to the point that the Xilliens were worried if the monsters might die at the hands of all these Gamera’s, so they decided to go ahead and blast both of these monsters and create two more Space Godzilla’s. We now have four Space Godzilla’s that the Gamera’s have to fight as well as Godzilla and the military they had their hands full. Now with all four Space Godzilla’s it is two of the Gamera’s that being Gamera are one and Gamera are two are fighting one of the Space Godzilla’s, Gamera are three is fighting off a Space Godzilla, and Emperor Gamera is also fighting another Space Godzilla as well as Godzilla fighting another Space Godzilla and the World Self Defense Force is strategically placed all around all four monsters as the soldiers and the military might fight and help these other monsters defeat these monsters.

While fighting the Space Godzilla’s have their hands full they automatically dispatch their special weapon which is called Gryodans and these are tiny little crystallized creatures that come from Space Godzilla and they have very sharp crystallized spikes that can pierce the skin and do some major damage as 1 million of them are dispersed from all four Space Godzilla’s and they are flying around at a very rapid rate they are slicing and dicing all the Gamera’s as well as Godzilla they are doing major damage to these guys. It is then that the cyber soldiers began to fire on these little guys as there are so many of them they do the best they can to fight them off.

Chapter 9

The Fight Continues

Meanwhile the fight with Godzilla ensues as Space Godzilla keeps knocking him around Godzilla as finally had enough. He immediately looks at the Space Godzilla and takes his left foot and slams it into the ground his right foot slams that into the ground and then his tail directly into the ground locking him into position and then suddenly with mighty force he fires on Space Godzilla. Gamera R1 and Gamera R2 are fighting consistently with the other Space Godzilla and firing a barrage of plasma balls at this base Godzilla.

Emperor Gamera is fighting another Space Godzilla while Gamera R3 is also got his hands full they both seem to fire barrages of plasma balls and eventually fight fist to fist with the monsters and at the same time we had the Gryodans attacking all the Gamera’s and Godzilla and the military are still trying to shoot them down. All four Space Godzilla’s admit their electrical bolts of lightning and knock all the Gamera’s to the ground as well as Godzilla these particular monsters are very hard to stop as they are being controlled by the Xilliens. It is then that the World Self Defense Force has decided to use their special weapon on the Xilliens spaceship’s in doing so they do manage to weaken the spaceships force field as Godzilla senses that and he blasts the Xilliens spaceship to smithereens. This particular Xilliens spaceship has a special weapon that duplicates the Space Godzilla’s so that stops. Also they lost control of Space Godzilla it is then they are totally confused and all the Gamera’s as well as Godzilla realizes and go on a barrage of attacks on these Space Godzilla’s.

All of the Gamera’s and Godzilla as well as the World Self Defense Force no and realized that the Space Godzilla’s no longer have control and one by one they are going to be taken out now. Gamera R1 and Gamera R2 hit that Space Godzilla with a barrage of plasma balls simultaneously and they destroyed him as he explodes into a big ball of fire. Both Gamera’s roar at each other as they take flight as they head towards Gamera are three and help him destroy that Space Godzilla with a barrage of plasma balls and they simultaneously fly into Space Godzilla with their shells knocking him down and knocking him around. That Space Godzilla gets up and uses his electrical crystallized powered weapon and attack all three the Gamera’s however as they are flying it is only deflecting off of their carapace. All three simultaneously flight into Space Godzilla spinning at the same time and they immediately cut off his head as he falls to the ground he also explodes into a mighty ball of flame.

Meanwhile Emperor Gamera has his hands full as the other three Gamera show up and the all take flight and simultaneously shoot fireball directly at this particular Space Godzilla and as they fire all four of the plasma balls lineup simultaneously and hit Space Godzilla four times destroyed him completely. Meanwhile the World Self Defense Force are trying mercilessly to stave off the Gryodans as there are not too many left simply because three of the Space Godzilla’s were destroyed. We only have one left and that is the one that Godzilla has to defeat.

Meanwhile the last Space Godzilla is giving Godzilla hard way to go it is then that Godzilla suddenly charges Space Godzilla and locks onto him by giving him a big bear hug and Space Godzilla is struggling it is then see a unique power from this monster they call Godzilla. It is called a nuclear pulse and he used it on Space Godzilla and it immediately destroyed and blew his arms off and his chest it is then that Godzilla falls back locks both his legs into the ground and slams his tail into the ground he then lets out a mighty roar all of a sudden his eyes light red and his entire body starts glowing red and he immediately blasts Space Godzilla with what is now called a red atomic blast that is much more powerful than his standard atomic blast. He continually shoots the rate until this Space Godzilla is totally obliterated by his atomic blast.

Chapter 10

The Final Confrontation

Well it seems that all the monsters have been destroyed and all of the Gamera’s are standing there and looking at Godzilla and waiting for him to attack so they can destroy him. However as Godzilla looks at the other for Gamera’s he realizes he does not have a chance against these Gamera’s and he looks at Emperor Gamera as if to say thank you for your help I am on a strange planet and I am not sure what my purpose here is. It is then that Emperor Gamera no longer needs the other Gamera’s because Godzilla is not classified as a threat as of right now. Emperor Gamera looks into the sky and roars a mighty roar that echoes across the sky and all three Gamera’s Gamera are one, Gamera R2, and Gamera R3 suddenly disappear because they are no longer needed.

It is now Godzilla and Emperor Gamera looking at each other as they both look around at the destruction and then suddenly back to each other and they look at each other as if to say take you for your help it is then that Emperor Gamera begins to stretch his arms and his shell plates expand open to allow the turbines to open up and fire as he takes to the sky and disappears forever. Emperor Gamera crashes into the ocean and remains on the seafloor however he does transform back into Gamera and the spirit that was with in him is no longer there in no longer needed and it returns back to its home. Meanwhile Godzilla on the other hand he looks at the military and within his mind as he looks at them he realizes that they did in fact help him and he looks at the destruction of Tokyo and looks back at the man and proceeds to walk out of Tokyo towards the Pacific Ocean he finally makes it to the ocean and jumps in and disappears for now.

There are two mystical and benevolent protectors of this planet as they both are sleeping well in the ocean who knows if the confrontation between the two of them will ever happen again or if it does not. The planet knows it has great warriors protecting it and there is no telling what other threats will occur, but we do know that there are two mighty monsters that hopefully will be our Savior.


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