The Question Is Should Godzilla Fight Gamera?

Written by Barney Buckley

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This is a question that most people would like to know why they think this is a good idea and as I explained and make comparisons throughout the story keep in mind these are my opinions and not facts and there are some facts in here that will relate to and somehow contribute to the decision that I came to.  In my humble opinion for these two guys to fight I am not a big fan of crossovers and this is no exception.  These are two iconic monsters that grew up in cinema since 1954 and 1965 respectively.

Godzilla is the more popular of the two however as of late Gamera has been gaining popularity and is very close on Godzilla’s tail.  There are a lot of fans out there would like to see both of these guys fighting and there are different scenarios that make sense and do not make sense.  The first is to have and to fight you have serious Godzilla fans and serious Gamera fans who if either one of them should lose it would be a catastrophe.

Godzilla is one of those monsters that a majority of fans have the ideology that he cannot be stopped and I think that is absolutely preposterous.  I am sure there are some creatures out there that could give Godzilla a run for his money one that I think is “The Kraken” some say “Cthulhu” who is as big as an island could be Godzilla but there are those fans who get upset when they find out that Godzilla is not the most powerful thing on the planet.

Let us make comparisons between the two monsters Godzilla at his tallest is Godzilla 2014 he stands at a height of 355 feet tall and believe it or not he is not the most powerful of the Godzilla’s either, but he is the biggest.

Gamera at his tallest is in the Heisei Series he stands at a height of 60 m or 180 feet tall, so technically Gamera is too small to fight the majority of Godzilla’s out there.  The closest one he could fight would be the original 1954 or perhaps the 1984 which stood at 80 m anything beyond that Godzilla was too huge for Gamera.

Now we will talk about the weapons that both of these monsters possess.  First Godzilla has door in the Heisei Series what is called a nuclear pulse that can generate tremendous amounts of energy that can do major damage up close.  Gamera does not possess that.  Godzilla also has what is called an atomic breath which can generate massive amounts of damage if used.  Godzilla also has a height advantage as well as mass he is in most cases a lot heavier than Gamera.

Now let us talk about Gamera’s weapons he has the capabilities of flying which Godzilla cannot unless he uses his breath and even though he could use his breath he cannot maneuver like Gamera.  Gamera is very stealthy in the air as he spends to the sky.  Gamera also possesses according to the Heisei Series and this is where people make a mistake they compare most Godzilla’s with the Showa Series versions of Gamera.  Gamera in the Showa Series did in fact have a different weapon Gamera did breathe fire all through the Showa Series.  So to compare the two of them is like comparing apples to oranges while Godzilla’s atomic breath is for more powerful than Gamera’s fire breath.

In the Heisei Series Gamera has a new weapon that is called plasma balls now here is where I make actual facts and make comparisons and why I think Gamera is much more destructive in this area.  First if you ever look up anything on plasma you know the actual temperature of plasma reaches that of the sun it is extremely hot and much more powerful than anything atomic.  Because Gamera possesses plasma balls it would only take one of these maybe two to completely annihilate a Godzilla if they were to confront each other.  If Gamera were to get hit by the atomic blast of a Godzilla it would definitely do some major damage to him unless Godzilla stays on it until he is completely burned through then he could kill Gamera.  However if Gamera were to get a straight shot at Godzilla.  Godzilla would not survive such a temperature as it would completely disintegrate him.  Though there would be some fans out there that would disagree with what I said simply because they can see beyond the fact that Godzilla can be stopped.

Godzilla be in the more powerful of the two beasts if he did not get struck by the plasma balls he would deftly have the edge over Gamera however because Gamera has flight capabilities and can shoot plasma balls from the air Godzilla would not stand a chance.

Keep in mind this is how I would see it.  It would technically be somewhat of a draw because of what I stated above Gamera can get the edge if he took flight and destroyed Godzilla from the air however Godzilla has an atomic breath and can distract Gamera and shoot them out of the sky.  When it comes to weapons Gamera is much more devastating because of his plasma balls now if we took the original Gamera from 1965 which breeze fire clearly he would not have a shot against Godzilla however the Heisei Series Gamera does simply because the plasma balls are more destructive than atomic breath because of its temperature.  We all know that atomic breath can only reach a maximum of 1200° before meltdown.  Where the plasma balls reached the temperature of the sun which I believe is 2 to 3000° so this is a devastating weapon.

Anyway my thoughts on this it would be a good fight and it could go either way even though there are videos out there that say Gamera could lose easily to Godzilla and because of what I mentioned before it would not happen like that.  Let us talk about why people think this would be a good fight I do not agree with this these guys are classified as icons in the monster genre and like I mentioned earlier fans would get upset if one or the other loses and we do not want that.  Here is my take they should create a legend or folklore about a creature that is hidden deep in the ocean and can be called upon to assist other monsters.  That kind of philosophy have Gamera help Godzilla in some sort away or they were initially clash in the beginning of the movie and come to terms and realize they have to team up in order to beat other monsters.

I am the kind of person that would not mind seeing something like this however I am also the kind of person that if it never happens I would not complain about it.  This is because these are two iconic monsters and then he did take their own path when it comes to the movies.  This way we get a lot of Kaiju movies instead of these crossovers.  I would like to see and it would be a costly movie and make atomic crossover of Kaiju’s and what I mean by that is Godzilla, Gamera, a lot of other Kaiju’s within the Godzilla genre, Pacific Rim, and have an all-out mighty Kaiju battle that would be cool and expensive at the same time.  These are my thoughts on what I think about Gamera fighting Godzilla. 

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Origin story of Gamera

Written by Barney Buckley

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Gamera is created by the Daiei Motion Picture Company and now is currently owned by Kadokawa pictures. The very first Gamera film was released in Japan in 1965 and it has spawned 12 films since then. This character has gained a lot of attention within Japan and perhaps all over the world. In the United States by the 1970s UHF television stations featuring Saturday afternoon matinee showcases would feature showcases such as Creature Double Feature this is where you would say the older Showa era type Gamera movies until the 1990s when they created the new Gamera trilogy which surpassed any Godzilla movie in special effects and in storyline. They made a mockery of the Gamera movies on a television program called Mystery Science Theater 3000.

What is Gamera you say well he is an extremely large fire breathing prehistoric species of a tortoise which fed on petroleum-based materials as you see in the original movie this is how he gets his fire breath, and also gives him the ability to ignite and retract his legs that allows him to spend in the air. In the Heisei series it contains three movies the first being called Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995) the origin of Gamera has been tweaked to have him or trade name or heroic and yet Bioengineered Guardian of the Universe that was created by Atlantis for the purpose of beating the Gyaos. I will not elaborate on the synopsis of all the movies because I would create them on a separate page.

I will now talk about his capabilities and the weapons that he possesses. Let’s first talk about Gamera’s shell is extremely resilient and very strong. Missiles and other weapons merely to bounce off his shell there are special occasions where his shell was damaged like in the movie Gamera versus Legion and in the original series it was damaged by Guiron’s knife attack that would begin to cut through the shell. The flying monster Gyaos’ sonic beam, the alien shark Zigra’s paralyzing beam, and the mutant lizard Barugon’s rainbow ray cannot penetrate Gamera’s shell, shown in the films when he withdraws into his shell to avoid the attacks. Gamera’s underbelly, however, is softer and not as resilient, and he has been cut and gouged in his stomach to the point of bleeding. In the Showa series, Gamera fed on fire and was attracted by other heat sources, such as power plants and Barugon’s rainbow ray attack.

He could breathe intensely hot streams of flames from his mouth when caught in a more serious situation. The Heisei version, on the other hand, could blast off mighty plasma fireballs from his mouth, usually very quickly, and with varying accuracy; they were highly explosive. The Heisei version could also absorb a great deal of mana, or the living essence of earth, and release an extremely powerful stream of pure plasma from his chest. In the final film of the Heisei series, Gamera blasted his own arm off and absorbed plasma fireballs shot by the mutant Gyaos Iris and used his stump to grow back his arm in a plasmic form.

Gamera also has the ability to fly. Generally, Gamera pulls in his arms, legs, head, and tail into his shell, fires flames out of his arm and leg cavities and spins around like a flying saucer. This mode of flight had an added advantage in the later films, where he used the sharp edges of his shell to cut enemies while spinning, similar to a circular saw. He has a second way of flying, where he only pulls in his legs and/or tail, fires flames from the leg cavities, and flies like a jet. In the Heisei era films, Gamera’s arms would extend and stretch out into wings similar to the flippers of a sea turtle whilst using this form of flight, giving him added aerodynamics and control.

The Heisei films gave Gamera one more additional weapon: a pair of sharp spikes protruding from his elbows. In his first Heisei appearance, these spikes were hidden during the majority of the film, extending only when needed in battle. In later appearances they were permanently extended.

When seriously or gravely injured, Gamera can enter a coma-like state in order to heal. This often fools his opponents into thinking that he is dead. This ability has been used in almost every Gamera film.

Gamera’s only major weakness is cold. Barugon was able to achieve success against Gamera using his freezing spray and scientists nearly defeated Gamera during his first appearance using special freezing bombs. This weakness was only shown in Gamera’s earliest films.

Gamera made his first appearance in 1965’s Gamera, which was also the only Gamera film to be in black-and-white. In 1966, the movie was released in America as Gammera the Invincible. Subsequent films, usually directed by Noriaki Yuasa and written by Nisan Takahashi, quickly became a big hit with children, who loved watching Gamera fight monsters. A total of 7 films were produced between 1965 and 1971. An eighth entry was slated for a 1972 release, tentatively titled Gamera vs. Garasharp. Gross mismanagement of Daiei, however, put the company into bankruptcy, and the Gamera films were forced to cease production.

In an apparent friendly nod to the competition at Toho, Gamera destroys the “New Toho” theatre, and this is the only film in the series in which Gamera does not fight another monster.

Gamera is one big turtle that flies, and in the seventies his was a savior to all children, but in the 90’s Gamera is the guardian of the universe. Gamera is Kadawadeiei’s equivalent to Godzilla. They also are supposed to be doing a remake on the Daimajin series about the statue, but this is just a rumor right now. I would personally have to say by the mid-1960s, the Japanese films featuring giant beasts terrorizing the hapless citizens of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and other major cities is extremely popular then if not more today.

The first movie for the flying turtle started in 1965 with Gammera the invincible. “Can Plan “Z” Stop [Gammera the Invincible]” A warplane carrying an atomic bomb flies of course over the Arctic Ocean. Gamera shows up after the bomb test takes off for the coats of Japan saves a boy from falling off a lighthouse that he destroys, from that point on basically he is known as a Childs savior. Gamera shows up creating havoc in Japan. The Japanese have to go to plan z, and that is to trap Gamera in the nose of a rocket and then send him into space. But we all know what happens in the next movie huh …….

Gamera gone on to star in movies where battles is the strangest monsters. Barugon is one that has an odd weapon it is in a form of a rainbow. Barugon has one cool tongue that literally cools you off to the point of freezing. The Gyaos is perhaps the equivalent to Mechagodzilla, or King Ghidorah in the Godzilla series. The Gyaos is the most popular of these monsters in the Gamera series. Gyaos is a bird that has not changed much in time. It has a supersonic laser beam that shoot out of its mouth slicing through anything like butter.

There are other various creatures that Gamera has fought in the showa era. Like Jiger is a monster that does not like high frequency sounds or high pitch sounds. Viras is the strangest of them all he looks like an octopus with a pointy head. This suit looks like it is made out of a sponge like substance, and it looks really cheap.

Gamera vs Zigra is perhaps the cheesiest of all the showa Gamera movies. It has a shark from outer space that grows because of the atmosphere or climate here on Earth. Zigra’s design to me is not bad. Now Guiron is a monster with a giant blade like nose that can do damage. it chops off the head of a space Gyaos.

At this point in time somewhere in the seventies the Daiei Company went into bankruptcy. Alot of people were saying that we may never see Gamera again, but as the late eighties rolled around the start of the heisei era of monster movies were kicking into high gear. Apparently the Daiei Company conjured up enough cashola to make another Gamera movie. The Gamera movie they would be making would be taking very seriously in hopes of having a successful movie. To bring the company back on top. Well it worked Gamera guardian of the universe would only be the beginning of what I would call the most spectacular series of monster movies with the greatest special effects to date. Gamera has spawned to more great movies with Gamera looks changing through all three movies. In the first Gamera has this kind and befriended look suit. Where in Gamera vs Legion his looks are more serious. In the case of legion she is the most powerful of all the monsters within the Gamera series. Some say it is Iris, but I don’t think so. Here is the reason why I don’t think so.

Let me start out with the thought of what I think is a tough Kaiju a tough Kaiju is one that can defy just about anything, and still keep coming back. The Legion mother is one of those Kauji you might say and I would have to believe this next to Godzilla she is the toughest kaiju out there. The reason I say this is because if you see the movie she is very very resilient, Gamera threw all he could at her and what happens is nothing more than Legion laughing at Gamera. Gamera dies in this movie and is brought back to finish the Legion he tries to stop her but doesn’t even slow her down while fighting her. Gamera manages to break off her nose piece or mantels thought to be the end of her, but no no she comes back with a whip like laser that slashes through Gamera like butter. Butter I say (lol) exhausting Gamera even more well in the end Gamera manages to end her life force not by himself because he was not able to stop her.

Only himself with the earth force known as Mana blew her apart other than that this is without a doubt the toughest foe for Gamera to face. Iris is our highly tentacled friend from Gamera 3. The colors and design of Iris as she goes through her stages of growing are different in a positive way. Gamera in this movie has the best design I have ever seen on a monster. He looks like one mean nasty monster. The last movie is by a amateur director who created the last installment to complete the heisei series of Gamera movies. This is a fan film that some say was amateurish. It was even shown at a viewing with Shusuke Kaneko present at the showing of the film. He gave it a thumbs up on how good it was. I will end this with Gamera being my second favorite monster series to watch and my first when it comes to the special effects. Gamera vs Iris is without a doubt more supreme in special effects than any monster movie I have seen including GMK.

Noriyaki Yuasa

The Man Behind Gamera

Written by Barney Buckley

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Who may Gamera famous or actually created the flying turtle Gamera? And the answer lies within the man that we are going to talk about his name is Noriaki Yuasa. There will be several questions that will be asked and then they will be answered in fashion.

The very first question that most people are curious about when it comes to Noriaki Yuasa and how he got started in the film business working for the Daiei film company.

You would answer elegantly that his father was an actor and a lot of the production that he was involved in was originally with the company Daiei Film Company. Now for Noriaki the opportunity literally jumped in his lap as he immediately became a director right away. At that point in time there was another man in charge of the Daiei Film Production Company. This particular man did not like to take chances with people he didn’t know who does really. He was deathly more interested in the people that he could trust and being the son of an actor who he knew just gave me that opportunity.

The next question I was given to Noriaki was the fact that Godzilla did in fact appear on the silver screen in 1954 and Gamera appeared 11 years later and during this time the question that was asked to Noriaki was he interested in Kaiju type movies and did he have an opinion on them and did you ever think that Noriaki would actually get involved in the very likes of Kaiju.

It was in between the release of Godzilla and the birth of Gamera that Noriaki and his boss at that time Mr. Nagata was at that time in America flying back to Japan and from the window of the airplane the shape of a cloud over the ocean made him think of a flying turtle. When Mr. Nagata finally reached Japan he did in fact gather at least 40 of his producers at the company and pretty much said that the Tahoe companies make a lot of money off of that Kaiju they call Godzilla. Mr. Nagata pretty much said “We Got to Do Something Ourselves.” Noriaki was approached by Mr. Nagata with a script and Noriaki pretty much gave him his opinion on how a flying turtle might be realized on the silver screen and this is how I got started.

The next question I was asked to Noriaki was did Noriaki ever see any of the Godzilla movies and what did he think of them?

It wasn’t until he was put in charge of the Gamera movies that he did not see any of Godzilla movies or ever watched any of the Godzilla movies. Noriaki did in fact call the telephone company and ask if they could watch any other Godzilla films and they said no (laughs) they pretty much told Noriaki if you want to see any of the Godzilla films you have to go to the movie theaters and watch it just like anybody else. Noriaki also mentioned that what really stood out after he saw this movie was the actual creation of Godzilla signature roar was created by an instrument he thought that was the most amazing thing and to this day he still remembers that.

The next question that was asked of him how was the voice of Gamera created?

Noriaki said that it was actually created using both recording animal sounds and human voices. He also said that they tried to time the type of voice sound to what was going on in the movie, so during a time of action we add emphasis to the voice, as opposed to the time when he was just simply walking. All sorts of noises were collected, they even use the sounds of someone walking in geta which is wooden Japanese shoes at that time.

The next question I was asked to Noriaki was the concept of Gamera did you in fact fight for the director’s chair for this film and can you tell us how you got chosen for this particular project?

Noriaki did in fact say that there was a lot of things that they had to consider before getting Gamera going. There is one thing that a lot of people do not know is the fact that the total company has been making a lot of special effects were movies for the government of Japan especially having to do with the military, so they were very good at that such type of movie. But the Daiei film company had not been going into the special effects film up to that point. Noriaki’s boss Mr. Nagata also did mention he likes horror films and he did in fact say we need to learn how to do the special-effects that is a must. Now the reason that I think I became the director of the Gamera film is that I was the youngest so they didn’t have to pay me as much (laughs) he also mentions that there are a lot of new ideals about this things that I had to figure out along the way. Also I like to mention if I didn’t do well I could be the scapegoat (laughs)

The next question I was asked to Mr. Noriaki Yuasa what was the most difficult challenges that you had to face and did you in fact have to get help from other people in order to solve the problem?

Noriaki pretty much says that none of us had any experience so there’s always disagreements all the time. Which kind of gave me the feeling that we might not be able to accomplish anything and Iris pretty much learning things as I went along. The one thing I like to mention is I like to go to different developing laboratories to see what it took to develop a film and what it took to add other elements or to remove them to edit it. This perhaps is probably my biggest challenge but I kept at it every single day so I learned at a very quick and rapid pace.

The next question I was asked to Noriaki is who designed the monster suits for Gamera’s enemies and what sort of thing were you looking for when you created the enemy monsters?

There was a certain amount of hesitation when it came to actually creating the monsters no one want the responsibility if the project didn’t succeed. The main thing about the suits or the creation of the suit is my concern was the fact that it fit the actor well and not restrict his movements too much. Also I wanted them to look evil but the actor inside was always a consideration. For example initially we’re on was a stand up on his hind legs but we found that the rigid nature of the blade like suit didn’t allow the actor to move very well in the suit if you were to stand up. So we decided to have we’re on crawl on all fours to increase his mobility. He was a good follow because he look like a sharp knife or guillotine something that would be dangerous for children to play with. However once we did get started creating the suits tons of ideas came out for creating new enemies and many suggestions that never made it onto the screen.

The next question for Noriaki was asked does he have any personal favorites among the enemy monsters, ones that work really well and that you thought looked really good?

And his answer was he love them all.

The next question that was asked of Noriaki was there a rival between the Toho Company in the Daiei Film Company?

Noriaki’s reply was there really wasn’t that big of a rivalry just as Scott-San is “my sensei” when it comes to Annie’s English-speaking Godzilla was sort of Gamera sensei which makes sense.

Noriaki was asked a question was there any unusual mishaps or accidents on the set involving the monsters, which you can recall?

It was during the first movie, because of the way we had to use the fire coming out of Gamera’s mouth and the difficulties we had with making him fly we were really able to accomplish all that much. But by the second film there was something I remembered we did in fact have to fill the Kaiju scenes at about four times the normal camera speed we had to get the timing of the lighting the fire and then ejecting it just right. A lot of the times the children and others who were on the set would laugh a lot because we’d be all set up for bakeshop and then this tiny little spurt of flame would be all that comes out of its mouth that would happen many times and they always got on my case about it because it looks so funny, so we had to get this time he absolutely right especially the flame affects just to get on the work perfectly.

There was also another scene in the first hour Gamera went to knock down Tokyo Tower but it fell down on its own. It’s very difficult to re-create the elaborate models is something like that happens and everyone would get upset. In the movie Gamera versus Barugon at one point Barugon was supposed across a bridge with a series of explosions going off right behind him, but the explosives guy accidentally wired them in reverse so they started going off in front and under Barugon feet! So Barugon was screaming out! Out! As the explosions went off in his face. The guy who was setting them off wonder what happened so we popped up from behind for law, right in the middle of the scene, and we couldn’t salvage anything from that shot because of the situation!

For Gyaos we have always argued over what his laser beam or Ray would look like. He was very expensive to insert the laser beam as it nearly cost $1000 per shot so that was always a point of contention.

The next question I was asked to Noriaki is why they use fire for Gamera rather than any animated flame and did not cause a dangerous for other monsters that were often sprayed by it?

Noriaki had set according to the Daiei film company they did in fact did not have an optical printer to do any kind animated race so they had to go “out of house” to do that sort of thing. So the entire staff got together and try to figure out how we could take care of this on the set, without having to go outside the studio. The big problem was that the fire is very dangerous and when a man in a suit there was the potential to burn his head off. So we made a special Gamera head that we just used for the fire scenes so there was never anyone inside the suit at any given time when he sprayed his fire. There was a point while we were shooting the Gamera head seems we didn’t always know how far it was going to shoot, so everyone had to be ready to jump out of harm’s way. It made the scene very exciting (laughs)

As it was written and read in the magazine G-Fan it was said that you try to make Gamera spin but you couldn’t do it so intern you use animation to make Gamera spent his first movie. But by the second film you managed to solve that problem on wondering how you actually accomplish the spinning without having to actually wobble?

Noriaki goes on to say it was during the first movie they did not have the technology or the tools to do it. For Gamera versus Barugon we were able to create a machine that was hung by piano wires that would spend the camera as it took the picture. So actually Gamera was just sitting still while the camera spend audiences murmured at this revelation. It got to the point when they continually did this that it finally got to the point where they had so many cameras involved that we were sure that the wires would have broken but fortunately that never happened.

The next question I was asked to Noriaki was a reference to the financial difficulties of this company and this is what they had to say could we assume that if Daiei had not had financial difficulties would you have been happy to make more Gamera films. And if so, could you share some of the ideas that you might have done if the series would have continued?

Noriaki’s answer is yes he definitely would have done more Gamera movies but because of Daiei’s trouble did prevent him from doing that so he was never really able to achieve his final goals with Gamera and if the opportunity ever arose again he said I’d love to make more movies!

The next question is pretty amazing as well as shocking Noriaki was asked a question are you surprised to find so many people here in the West truly enjoy your movies and of course here in Japan, Gamera has an enduring popularity. Does this apprise you or did you think that Gamera was just a character that would have endured?

This is one Noriaki had to say he was extremely very surprised that there were so many fans of Gamera and other colleges in America and he found that really great. The Japanese soundstages are generally much smaller than those in US so we have to do many things to get wide shots one technique that used was to make the monster smaller and smaller to create the illusion of more space around them in which to fly or whatever. So when the Daiei film company went bankrupt we had many different sizes of Gamera and other monsters from really smallest a very large ones. But the staff was so upset about Daiei situation that HR cameras express all the monster props if I have been able to say that I would have loved to get them as presents to the fans in America. But it is very nice to find that Gamera still popular in the West and that is a crying shame that they busted up all those props!

The next question is probably the most sensitive all questions. It was asked to Noriaki have you seen the three recent Gamera films if so what is your opinion on them?

After the Daiei film company went bankrupt Mr. Takahashi to whom Daiei owed a lot of money to got very upset. He wanted to talk to the president of the Daiei Company and said what are you going to do about my money? So what happened is the little he ruled out a contract and handed over all the rights to Gamera to Mr. Takahashi. He was happy with that and try to obtain funding for a new movie but had difficulty finding a suitable staff, so we gave up the idea for a while. This was the beginning of the new Gamera series. Eventually found some new people and brought in new blood to get things going once again. As for the new movie Scout yes I’ve seen them I heard that the director Shesuke Kaneko was at G fast in 1999 in Los Angeles and that is where he met him there.

He told me that he attempted to take the parts he felt were left out of the old film and add them into the new ones. I thought at the time that there were still some parts missing but I didn’t say that to Mr. Kanika but as far as a special effects go the CGI etc. it’s a lot higher level done very well. One thing I regret is that there’s not much focus paid to children part as it seems he is a friend of children Mr. Noriaki Yuasa he does mention that the trilogy is more of the all oriented and not so much for children he did in fact wish they would go back to a more child friendly environment which in fact they did in the 2006 Gamera movie.

Another question I was asked to Noriaki was the fact there was another Gamera we plan to be made it was called Gamera versus Garasharp can you elaborate on that?

Is nor the old days of Japan there was a form of stage entertainment where the actor will show pictures on paper and tell a story to go along with them that’s how I take the ideals to the boss of the diary company yes there was a plan to make this movie and I still have the pictures are used to make the presentation. The ideal past and were already in the process of making it. Gamera was making money for the diary company at that time and doing very well, and everyone was looking forward to the next movie. One thing I like to mention is there was a Godzilla film that had a three headed monster in one of his films so we thought we have a two headed monster and hours. It was during the battle that that you had to split into two separate monsters but before the movie could be shot the Daiei Company went bankrupt!

The next question I was asked to Noriaki was what was his inspiration for the monster Zigra?

The idea was always to have Gamera as a land monster even though he flew in the air most of the time was spent on the ground. What he fault Gyaos spent a lot of time in here. So we want to do something that was seaworthy. Also at that time in the news someone have been attacked by a shark in Japan. And children are scared of sharks. All in all it doesn’t matter if he was on land or in the sea or in the air you can find monsters in your heart and work with those ideals.

Anyway these are the basic questions that ask to Noriaki about the entire Showa Series of Gamera films and you do get a good idea of what happened with the Daiei Company going bankrupt and how it progressed into the new company that it is today and also the creation of the triple threat Heisei Series Gamera films. Anyway I hope you got a good understanding of who this man is and how Gamera came to be!

History of Gamera


Written by Barney Buckley

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In this particular article I will be explaining the origins of Gamera as well as how he came to be. I will be talking about the company that first created Gamera and how it was sold to other companies all the way up to what is happening today.

Gamera is a gigantic flying Terrapin that was created by Daiei Motion Picture Company and now is owned by Kadokawa Pictures and Publishing Company. Gamera first made it on the screen in 1965 and was created simply because of the success of his counterpart and more popular monster they call Godzilla who has been on the screen a little bit low living Gamera. Godzilla started out in 1954. It was the 1960s when the “Monster Boom gained its popularity in Japan as both of these monsters are Japanese icons.

During the 1970s Gamera did attain some prominence on what is called UHF television stations that would feature these movies every Saturday morning as a Saturday matinee type movie. Gamera is a gigantic turtle that door in the Showa Series he stood at 60 m tall and door and the Heisei series he was 80 m tall. To describe Gamera even more Gamera possesses a pronounced sagittal crest on the top of his head and his mouth was filled with gigantic tea with two gigantic fangs protruding from his lower jaw or tusks.

Gamera in the Showa Series was a titanic, firebreathing, prehistoric species of tortoise or Terrapin. Gamera fed off of the petroleum-based materials that were on the planet at that time as he consumed it in order to breathe fire and fire at the Jets that would attack him. It is also known that Gamera has the capabilities of flying were Godzilla does not. By consuming the petroleum he is capable of extracting his legs in and they would ignite with flames coming out of all four legs as he propels himself spinning into the air.

Now we will talk about the original classic 1965 movie it begins showing bombers from the USSR or Russia as they are being intercepted by American fighters over the United States airspace in the Arctic. As we all know this sets off cataclysmic explosions that release Gamera from the ice and he goes on a rampage and at the end of the movie he is lured into this bay where the top of the bay is closed up it is a rocket and he is sent off into space.

Gamera has become a legacy as the Daiei Company who owned Gamera went on to create a lot of movies for the Showa Series. The next one after the original classic would be Gamera vs. Barugon which came out in 1966 and then Gamera vs. Gyaos in 1967, Gamera vs. Virus 1968, and Gamera vs. Guiron 1969, Gamera vs. Jiger 1970, Gamera vs. Zigra 1971, and finally the super cheesiest of all Gamera movies it is called “Gamera: Super Monster” which came out in 1980.

For me the movies were really good until after Gamera vs. Gyaos 1967 and then they got silly and super child friendly until Heisei Series. However that would all change for the company that created Gamera The Daiei Motion Picture Company would go bankrupt. This particular company was a product of government efforts to reorganize the film industry during World War II in order to rationalize its resources and increase control over the medium. It was then that the government plan to combine all the film studios into two companies, Masaichi Nagata, an executive at Shinkō Kinema, pressed hard for an alternative plan to create three studios. His efforts won out and Shinkō Kinema, Daito Eiga, and the production arm of Nikkatsu (the Nikkatsu theaters did not take part in the merger) were merged in 1942 to form the Dai Nippon Eiga Seisaku Kabushiki Kaisha, or Daiei for short. The novelist Kan Kikuchi served as the first president, with Nagata continuing as an executive. Daiei’s studios were located in Chofu, Tokyo and in Uzumasa in Kyoto.

Nagata became president in 1947 and, apart from a brief period when he was purged by Occupation authorities, remained in that position until 1971. Under his reign, Daiei produced Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon (1950) and entered it in the Venice Film Festival, where it won the grand prize and became the first Japanese film to win an international award, thus introducing Japanese cinema to the world. Daiei also produced Teinosuke Kinugasa’s Gate of Hell (1953), the first Japanese color film to be shown abroad, earning both an honorary Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Daiei also produced such renowned films as Mizoguchi’s Ugetsu (1953) and Sansho the Bailiff (1954), as well as Jokyo (which was entered into the 10th Berlin International Film Festival). On the popular front, Daiei was also known for such successful film series as the Zatoichi films starring Shintaro Katsu, the Sleepy Eyes of Death series featuring Raizō Ichikawa, the Gamera movies, and the Daimajin Trilogy. Daiei also produced many television series such as Shōnen Jet.

In its heyday, Daiei featured such talent as the actors Raizō Ichikawa, Shintaro Katsu, Kazuo Hasegawa, Fujiko Yamamoto, Machiko Kyō, and Ayako Wakao; the directors Kenji Mizoguchi, Kon Ichikawa, Yasuzo Masumura, and Kenji Misumi; and the cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa.

Like some other film studios, Daiei had its own professional baseball team in the 1950s, the Daiei Stars, which later became the Daiei Unions. These teams eventually became the Chiba Lotte Marines.

Now let us talk about the bankruptcy of the Daiei Motion Picture Company it was back in 1971 when they tried to stay alive I teaming up with Nikkatsu and another motion picture company however with the combination of both motion picture companies it was just not enough. Because in 1971 they would declare bankruptcy and it would be the members of the union who however succeeded in getting Yasuyoshi Tokuma, the president of the publishing house, Tokuma Shoten, to revive the company in 1974.

This particular version of the Daiei motion picture company would go on to be making only a small number of films, some of which were big budget spectaculars like the international coproduction “The Go Masters” which came out in 1982 and the ever popular and ever loving “Shall We Dance?” Which came out in 1996 and later in the United States this movie would be re-created using Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon and a very popular cast. This movie turned out to be a very good movie both versions of this movie are very good in their own way. After all the films were produced it would soon be after the passing Yasuyoshi Tokuma, Daiei Film Co. He died on September 20, 2000 in Tokyo, Japan and the company was sold to the Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.

In November 2002, Chairman Maihiko Kadokawa announced that Daiei Film Co. would merge with the company’s own film division, Kadokawa Pictures to form Kadokawa-Daiei Film Co. Ltd. it was during the time that when Yasuyoshi Tokuma, owned the Daiei company he would go on to create the three movie set of the Heisei Series Gamera movies as they are respectively titled “Gamera: Guardian of the Universe” (1995), “Gamera vs. Legion” (1996), and the last movie to speak of is “Gamera vs. Iris” (1999) and these particular movies were directed by Shesuke Kaneko who also directed the Godzilla film “GMK” which came out in 2001 for the Toho company. It is these three movies that puts Gamera back in the game with special effects as well as storyline and acting that surpasses any Godzilla film out there. It was these three movies that were critically acclaimed by the Japanese people.

In November 2002 when the company was purchased by Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co. they would create another Gamera movie however they would go back to the Showa Series and this particular movie is very kid friendly and altered in a way that it upset a lot of Gamera fans. This movie even though it was child friendly the Gamera in this movie did not look like any Gamera most people recognize. The worst part about it is that this Gamera did not have a signature roar. Another key note is they change the origins of Gamera as he is capable of exploding which to me did not make any sense however he has to consume a red rock in order to go through changes to become the Gamera that we all know he can be he cannot do this without that red rock.

They tentatively name this new Gamera “Toto” he does in fact fight a monster they call “Zedus” this is a gigantic lizard like monster with a big long purple top. To me this monster is not really a worthy competitor to what Gamera has fallen in the past. However it is very accommodating that he fights a tiny Gamera which in this case he does. This movie failed in a lot of ways as it is coming from the triple threat they gave Gamera a dark and eerie presence to a child friendly presence. This particular point is what most fans did not care about the movie.

Here is some more interesting facts about Gamera and the company that created him. In 1966 the movie that was released in America as Gamera the invincible is the original 1965 classic that was directed by Noriaki Yuasa and this story was written by Nisan Takahashi it quickly became a favorite to the children who love watching Gamera fight monsters. Like I mentioned above there was a total of seven films that was produced from 1965 to 1971 and the eighth entry was slated for a 1972 release this is where the loss projects come into play and this is a movie that never came to be and this is because the company was in the bankruptcy stage before being picked back up in 1974 they had to scrap this movie because of it. The movie was called “Gamera vs. Garasharp” which would have come out in 1972 but was forced to cease production because of the bankruptcy. This particular movie would have been about Gamera fighting a snake like creature that had the hood of a cobra and the snake body with antennas on its head.

As I mentioned before the company would go on to produce the Heisei Series of Gamera movies but for all that they wanted to produce another movie that would actually come out in 1980 it was called “Gamera: Super Monster” the filmmakers at this time were forced to make this film simply because of the contracts for one more Gamera film that was owed to the original Daiei company. It was an unfortunate event that when creating this film it was mostly stock footage with new scenes of a brand-new Gamera flying. It was when the production of the film began that Yuasa saw how poorly Tokuma was handling things and knew that Gamera could have never come back from the film. So he had Takahashi rewrite the ending to where Gamera was killed at the end.

Last but not least let us talk about some upcoming and future films for Gamera fans. It was noted in that on March 2014 “Anime News Network reported that a new Gamera production is planned, with no date specified however it is planned to be released sometime in 2015. Some rumors and speculations have risen on the Internet and here are some in my humble opinion something that do not like to hear.

It is said they will change Gamera’s form now what that means is they might completely alter the look of Gamera and honestly I am not sure that is a smart thing unless they change his looks to the point that you still recognize him like they do with the Godzilla suits.

Another thing they are going to change is his origins and they did that in the last movie called “Gamera Little Brave” which came out in 2006 and that in my opinion was not a good thing for the way they portrayed Gamera in this movie it would have been okay for kids but I did not personally care for the way they handled it. Assuming they are going to change the origin in this movie I hope it has something interesting to which will not be a bad thing I think the worst thing that gets to me is a going to change the looks of Gamera I am not sure how to handle that, but we will have to wait and see.

The last keynote that I want to mention is I have heard rumors and speculations that Kadokawa Pictures are thinking about removing Gamera and the fact that he flies and I hope this is just a rumor because honestly in my opinion this would be the most stupid thing they have ever done. Keep in mind it is the 50th anniversary movie for Gamera so for them to create a film they need to completely alter the entire franchise of Gamera give us a completely different Gamera that we could be pleased with, and again we will have to wait and see how they do this!

Now this particular article is based on some trivial facts and understanding of what Gamera is and how he was created and what companies owned him and what the companies went through all the way up to today with also updates on the new Gamera movie for his 50th anniversary and I am hoping they will do this well. I hope you enjoy this article!

The End

The Creation of Gamera

Written by Barney Buckley

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As we all know Gamera is a gigantic monster or Kaiju that is one of the original Japanese Tokusatsu films that first came out in 1965 by the company known as Daiei Films. This particular film when it first came out was supposed to rival that of The Toho Motion Picture Companies Godzilla films. However Gamera did in fact gain fame and notoriety as a Japanese icon in his own right. This particular icon has appeared in comic books and video games as well.

During the 1970s a day gain popularity on UHF television stations that would actually feature Saturday afternoon matinee showcases like Creature Double Feature. As Well as a popular TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000.

As we all know the original film came out in 1965 in Japan and made his last appearance in the final film as far as we know Gamera the Brave which came out 2006. Yonejiro Saito was in fact the producer of the original 1965 film. Much like Tomoyuki Tanaka did with the Godzilla films from 1954 to 1995 shortly before his passing.

The famous flying Terrapin comes by many names is called Gamera the Invincible, Super Monster, Guardian of the Universe, The Last Hope, The Brave, and The Absolute Guardian of the Universe, Friend of All Children, and Guardian Super Monster.

As we all know Gamera’s description or his looks resembles that of a gigantic turtle and a very large one at that. It does in fact walk on two legs and it flies. He does occasionally walk on all fours just like he did in the first three films. They are Gamera the Invincible 1965, Gamera versus Barugon 1966, and finally Gamera versus Gyaos which came out in 1967. Most of these films Dorner Showa Series literally came out one year apart. Except during the end.

Gamera does possess a very pronounced sagittal crest on top of his head and during the Heisei Series especially in Gamera versus Iris which came out in 1999 is very pronounced. The mouth obviously is filled with a lot of sharp teeth which technically is unprecedented in turtles. Plus the most famous aspect of our Gamera or his large tusks that protrude from his lower jaw up passes upper jaw.

Gamera is a fire breathing prehistoric gigantic turtle that actually feeds off all petroleum-based materials were the Showa Series of Gamera films. He also has the ability to raise that fire and fly by “jets” that ignite from his shells were used for legs are and he spends in a circle in the air.

Gamera’s Capabilities and Weaknesses

Gamera’s carapace is extremely resilient and very strong as it seems missiles and other weaponry merely bounce off of this particular shell. There were a few occasions where the carapace did in fact faltered most locally when the Showa Series the alien Kaiju Guiron hammer down on his shell in the same spot several times eventually cutting through making Gamera bleed. The giant flying Kaiju Gyaos used his sonic beam on Gamera’s carapace as well.

Other instances we see the giant shark like Kaiju Zigra did in fact use is paralyzing right on Gamera as well as in the 1966 movie Gamera versus Barugon we see Barugon uses rainbow weapon however it could not penetrate Gamera’s carapace.

As we all know during the Showa Series Gamera did in fact feed on petroleum fuels as he was attracted by other heat sources. He could breathe intensely hot streams of flames from his mouth if he was caught in a more serious situation you would use this particular weapon. Now during the Heisei Series this particular version of Gamera on the other hand did not need to feed off of any kind of petroleum type fuels. As this Gamera was created by The Guardians of the Universe and he had a pretty amazing weapon he could literally shoot or blast off gigantic plasma fireballs from his mouth.

These are very quick and very accurate plasma balls. That are very highly explosive. According to scientific fact if you treat plasma the way they do is intensity and heat can reach the temperature of the song, so this weapon in my opinion is much more destructive and much more intense than that of Godzilla’s atomic breath. Which if you use Godzilla versus Destroyah’s maximum temperature was at 1200° before actually breaking down melting away, so I am under the assumption that his internal temperature of the atomic breath could reach 1200° maximum as far as we know.

The new Heisei Series Gamera can also absorb what is called Earth’s Mana which is the life essence of planet Earth and he can release it in an extremely powerful stream of pure plasma from his chest. Another very impressive weapon that Gamera possesses in the Heisei Series. During the movie Gamera versus Irys which came out in 1999 he did manage to go ahead and blast off his arm and absorb plasma fireballs that was shot by the Southern Guardian they call Irys. He used a particular glowing snow as a group back into an arm made of plasma and eventually force it into Irys destroying him.

Gamera also has capabilities of fly and he pulls his arms and legs as well as his head and tail into a shell and fires flames of the sockets of the carapace and begins to spend and fly around like a flying saucer. This is done during the Showa Series as well as the Heisei Series of Gamera films and this also includes the Shinsei Series version of Toto in the movie Gamera the Brave came out in 2006.

Now to further add Gamera’s capabilities he does in fact have some additional weapons one being during the Heisei Series he does sport sharp spikes that protrude from his elbows and he uses them like daggers were slashing weapons. You would only see these in the beginning of the Heisei Series and eventually you would see them on a permanent basis during the last two films of the Heisei Series.

One Gamera is seriously injured does in fact answer a call on state in order for him to heal. All the Gameras do this. He also has a tendency to do this to full his opponents into thinking that he is dead. Gamera does in fact have a major weakness that is extreme cold as we do see it in the movie Gamera versus Barugon which Barugon has another impressive weapon he extends a tube like tongue and it can emit a freezing stream of refrigerant which Lily freezes everything in contact. As well as scientists in the first two films did in fact try to use special freezing bombs to stop Gamera. This is a weak point for Gamera!

Mystery of Gamera

Written by Barney Buckley

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This story is dedicated to all Kaiju fans. I hope you enjoy my short stories as much as I enjoyed writing them for you.


Chapter 1


The giant monster turtle Gamera is a monster that exist entirely on a different planet and not even in our solar system. It is also said that Gamera does not exist and it is totally folklore and beliefs of people since the beginning of time. It makes for a good story. Gamera comes from a far planet outside of our solar system called Pegasus-B this is an extremely large planet that inhabits alien life forms that create monsters like Gamera. It also has the largest sun in our solar system by the foreseeable eye.

The monster Gamera manages to escape the planet Pegasus-B because it has the capabilities of flying through space and it travels through space and manages to make its way to the planet Earth. There a crash lands in the very dense forests of the Amazon jungle. It buries itself next to a mountain and never was mentioned again. It would be some 3000 years later we would have explorers roaming and roughage through the jungle when they come across this mountain that is very round in shape.

These explorers are very intelligent and have education about the ecological system within the Amazon jungle. They managed to do some testing and studying of this extremely odd shaped hill that seems to have ridges and that are shaped like that of a shell. Suddenly the earth moves around them lo and behold that he’ll begins to move abruptly. Out pops a head and the explorers are extremely shocked at what they are saying.

Gamera stands up straight takes off and disappears again into the sky. Gamera wreaks havoc on the planet because it is a monster that when he first sees humans it does not understand what they are in is assuming that they are a threat to him. So anytime he sees humans immediately attacked them the military eventually steps in an all-out monster attack by the military ensues. Gamera fights back with his weapons he has plasma balls that come out of his mouth which are very powerful because whatever it touches it destroys. It also has a detachable shell that can fly and destroy anything in his path.

Chapter 2

The Escape of Pegasus-B

We zoom into space and we travel to a planet that is on the other side of our solar system and this planet is called Pegasus-B is a planet that is 20 times as large as planet Earth and is extremely icy all the way around there is no greenery whatsoever on this planet. We zoom in on the planet itself as we fly over the icy shell pending cases the entire planet and there are various cracks all over the planet we suddenly zoom down in all one of the cracks and we see an entire city of aliens that are creating monsters beyond our imagination.

We zoom into these external caves that are built all along the cracks of the surface of this planet and within these cracks are gigantic case where the construction of many Kaiju’s are being created and the technology that they are using is truly amazing and far more fascinating thing we’ve ever seen. The monsters that we are seeing are being created using a special DNA type fungus that are put on molecular and the skeletons in one of the fungus does it transforms into muscle fiber, nerves and it creates the exact replica of the endoskeleton. The technology used is never been seen or used anywhere else that we know of but the fungus is slowly creating itself into monsters using the metal and the skeletons as the skeleton itself. We zoom in on the alien leader’s that are in charge of creating these monsters as they are speaking “seleek lar lar gee gee gowau chnagu” alien scientist to the other scientist. The other scientist just looked at him.

The camera begins to move deeper into the cave past the creation of monsters and goes further down the tunnel where we come into a huge cavern that houses locked up monsters. They do look incredibly familiar as one looks like Barugon and there is another one that represents a gigantic flying bird which looks like a Gyaos. We suddenly had to the right and we go down another tunnel where there is only one monster locked up in a huge change and is moving around quite rapidly. This monster looks just like a gigantic turtle however this monster has huge lower fangs that come up through and passed the roof of his mouth and he has one gigantic shell. This monster is rather agitated as he is banging against the cage and the aliens assume that they are safe however they did not discover that this monster has a special weapon called plasma balls issues one directly at the consul that’s holding him in the cage and totally destroys the consul and suddenly the cage raises up releasing this monster.

It makes its way through the tunnel because the tunnels are big enough for him to crawl through he reaches the other monsters but they are locked up and he knows they are not a threat as he looks at him and turns and heads up the other side of the tunnels. He crashes through where they are creating the other monsters the entire alien race is in a panic now because the monster is loose. However he makes his way to the entrance of the cave and looks around and wonders how is he going to get here, but he discovers quickly enough that he has a hidden power and he suddenly collapses on his belly and the aliens look frantically as he slowly talks his head and his wife into a shell as if he was afraid. However this is not the case suddenly on all four of his legs extreme amounts of steam or one looks like steam come blasting out of his four leg compartments. Then suddenly we see extreme amounts of high intense thrusting fire. He suddenly starts to spin as the aliens looked in shock he spins very fast and it literally puts his entire body up in the air and then he suddenly shoes outside of the cave and shoots toward space leaving the planet Pegasus-B behind him for good.

Chapter 3

Traveling to Earth

Meanwhile the monster has escaped this planet and knowing that their other monsters on this planet there is no telling it the alien force will send their monsters after this monster. This monster is known as Gamera. Legend has it that this monster has been to the planet Earth because people have drawn pictures that look just like this monster or a monster just like him, so apparently there could be a whole race of these monsters. Gamera flies through and suddenly without him knowing it a huge comet flies by the giant turtle as he maneuvers away from the comet. It would be several years later we are on the planet Earth and we zoom in on a farmer was located in central Japan is around 7 to 8 o’clock at night the sun is just going down at this time as he is finishing up his work he pauses for a moment takes off his hat and looks into the sky is a beautiful night blue sky.

The Japanese farmer grabbed his head and smacked him across his leg because it is extremely dusty from all the digging and he says….

“I am tired”

Suddenly the farmer looks up at the sky again…

“What is that?

The bright light that is spinning directly towards him…

“Holy shit, that the thing almost hit me, whatever it was.

The Japanese farmer suddenly runs back into the house because he was scared of that huge flying object that damn near killed him and he warns his family to stay inside. He grabs the phone and he calls the military and proceeds to talk to them about what happened to him when he was outside.

The phone is shaking in his hand because he is a nervous wreck…

“Yes sir it was huge and I don’t know what it was but it was very bright.

The man on the others end of the phone…

“Are you sure you saw what you saw a big circular bright light, are you crazy!

The man on the other end of the phone looks at the phone…

“What you are trying to say to me is that you saw a flying saucer you are nuts!

The man on the other end of the phone, slams the phone down.

Chapter 4

The Amazon Jungle

Meanwhile Gamera is flying at a very low altitude where people can actually see them flying as he disappears into the fog and suddenly reappears over South America. There he crash lands in the Amazon jungle deep in the hardiest part of the jungle. Because Gamera has traveled so far he has exhausted all his energy and needs to recuperate so he crash lands in the jungle and begins to dig and buries himself into the ground throwing dirt on top of him. This is where he will remain for 100 years. Meanwhile back at the farm of the Japanese farmer he goes through life knowing what he saw, but could not prove it and he dies knowing his secret.

It is now 1964 and we have explorers would have newly discovered the Amazon jungle in South America and they are traveling by Jeep through the pass of the Amazon jungle. They are having a nice conversation…

Max says to Jan his girlfriend and confidant- “I have to say traveling through the Amazon jungle not a smart idea!

Jan-“I did not ask you to come, but he did anyway so stop complaining”

Max just looked at her and turned his head and looks forward as they ride in silence because he is now annoyed.

Johnson is the driver of the off-road vehicle-“Do you see what I see! What is that doing here!

Max-“Dude it’s a hill!

Johnson-“have you ever seen a hill that’s the shape of internal and look at the ridges on the hill it’s shaped like a turtle shell!

Max-“Seriously Johnson you need to stay off the crack!

Johnson just looks at him as if to say come on you know that look strange, but returns and drives towards the hill.

They finally approach that hill and a few major studies as a strategy at the hill and as they use their knife they scratch and what looks like part of the shell as they dig deep into its dirt crust they come to a hard surface that does not feel like rock. They look at each other and can make out what it is, but it’s definitely not a hill. There is something under there.

The Discovery of Gamera

As he explores make their way back to their all-terrain vehicle suddenly you’re in starts shaking violently. They hang onto the vehicle because the earth is shaking so violently that they can stand up. Eventually fall to the ground as a look towards the hill and see that this hill is actually moving. They look at each other and say “oh my God”…

Johnson-“What the fuck is that thing?”

Jan-“It looks like a gigantic turtle?”

Max-“I think we need to gather your people.”

They jump in their all-terrain vehicle and they started and they take off back down the path to get as far away from that monster as they possibly can. Meanwhile there is smoke and fire, then rapidly behind them because now the turtle is in-flight and that turtle is the Almighty Gamera. It takes off and shoot straight into the sky as the explorer’s break they jump other vehicles and watch this creature in amazement. They jump back into their vehicle and they head back to base and tell their shocking story. They get back to the base and then proceed to tell her story.

Jan stumbles into the door as the men run up to her and asked her if she’s okay she grabbed him by the shirt and lesser cell backup gets back on her feet. She is panicking because of the horror that she just saw…

Jan-“Oh my Fucking God! We just saw something that you would not normally see on this planet!

Max-“She is telling the truth! What we saw you would definitely is nothing we’ve ever seen on this planet and that my friends is a giant monster turtle!

The man at the base are listening to their conversation and looking at them like they’re crazy. They look at each other and then they look back they continue to listen to their conversation.

Johnson-“Guys we are telling you the truth I know it sounds crazy but it is a giant talking turtle!

The men agree that all three of them saw what they saw and they turn around and call the American military base located in Arizona.

Chapter 4

Gamera Hits Qatar

At the Air Force base in Qatar the military are monitoring airspace when they notice a very large blip on the screen and can’t seem to make it out because it is running crazy all over the screen. The one officer looked at the screen and then he looks up to see if there’s anything in the sky looks back down at the screen looked back up at the sky, but does not see anything. So they make a decision and realize it could possibly be flying at cloud level.

Cmdr. Chase-“What do you make of that son?

Lieut. Cregger-“I do not know Sir all I know is it is very large seems to be a balance 90 m lengthwise and 50 m with wise this thing is huge.”

Cmdr. Chase-“I can’t see anything?”

Lieut. Cregger-“There sir look right there!”

Cmdr. Chase-“Oh My God, what is that?”

Gamera has made it out of the clouds and is flying around the airport as if to say I am having a good time because this is all wide space he flies by the tower and the two military soldiers finally get a real good look at him as he flies by and realize it is a big gigantic turtle with huge fangs and the crazy thing is it is flying. The first thing that comes to their mind is “where did this thing come from”

Cmdr. Chase looking at Lieut. Cregger and saying-“Are you kidding me?”

Lieut. Cregger looking back at Cmdr. Chase and smiling-“I think so Sir!

The two officers call on all forces that are on the base to prepare for the attack of Gamera. Meanwhile Gamera is slowing down from his circling of the airbase of Qatar and suddenly slides into a complete stop on the airstrip. He gets up he looks around and he rewards “anhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he starts walking towards the control tower meanwhile the military are coming onto the airstrip and shooting at Gamera. Gamera is alarmed because he does not understand why they are trying to hurt him. He keeps walking as they keep firing at him and he finally gets annoyed and fires plasma balls directly at the military wiping out the entire first line of the military. By doing this they just lost half their fleet they back off.

Gamera looks around and notices that the military is backing off eBay resumes his walk towards the control tower he is like 40 feet away and he just stares at the people in the control tower. Suddenly a huge plasma ball glasses out of his mouth directly into the path of the control tower totally destroying the top of the tower and the people in it and Cmdr. Chase as well as Lieut. Cregger both men are dead. Gamera let’s have another huge roar. Gamera standstill and suddenly his legs start blowing up steam as he takes off to the sky as he hovers above the airport all four of his legs and arms get talked inside and out blasts flamethrowers as you begin to spin and he suddenly darts out of view that quick.

Chapter 5

Gamera Attacks Paris

Gamera takes up to the skies as he heads towards friends he decides to make a pit stop in France of all places he crash lands directly in Paris where there he proceeds to destroy all of the famous landmarks saving the biggest one of them offer last. Gamera is stopping the city as people are running for their lives because this monster does not care about human life. It proceeds to destroy everything in its path and even use this plasma balls to destroy certain buildings. The French don’t really have a military that could stop this monster but they try to do the best they can. Gamera is literally walking through buildings as if they were not there this is how powerful this Gamera is. Gamera is making its way to the tallest monument of them all.

French Person-“What is that monster going to do. It looks like he’s getting ready to head towards the Eiffel Tower. Do you think is going to destroy the Eiffel Tower!”

Frenchwoman-“It is a monster so we need to get here, and yes it probably will destroy the Eiffel Tower.

Gamera approaches the Eiffel Tower now Gamera being 295 feet tall he approaches the tower and he is very small compared to the tower he grabs the tower proceeds to shake it and it doesn’t wobble but it settles back. Gamera is inquisitive almost childlike plan around with the tower he steps back and he looks straight up as if to say wow this is amazing is huge. Then Gamera looks down at the people looks back at the tower and opens his mouth and blasts three plasma balls straight at the tower the tower suddenly collapses in half and classes to the ground below. Gamera proceeds to grab one end of the tower and lifted up and toppling over destroying the buildings in its path. Gamera no longer amused by the collapse tower he moves on as he begins to take flight he leaves Paris. This monster is like a child and the planet Earth is its stomping grounds. Gamera flies straight up into the clouds and now he’s heading for the United States of America.

Gamera has done some damage at Qatar and done some major damage in Paris and now is heading to the United States and there’s no telling what he will do there. The military are on high alert because they are aware of the fact that this monster will show up eventually in our country. The weight would not be a long one. Gamera is seen heading towards Greensboro North Carolina and he lands at the Piedmont airport where he destroys the airplanes that are on the airport. This is a busy airport so he is having fun is destroying all he can in his path he eventually takes off and heads towards the colonials’ pipelines tank farm this is a tank farm this farm has an extreme amount of petroleum if Gamera hits this place it will destroy everything in its path and cause major damage to Greensboro. He lands and yes he looks and ponders at all the white buildings and besides to go ahead and blast just one of them and it ignites all of them in a domino effect. “Who boom boom boom boom”

Greensboro Man-“Oh my God he just destroyed the farm, what are we going to do.

Gamera takes off again as the military are now aware that Gamera is in the United States as they prepare to try to stop him.

Chapter 6

Operation Knockout

The military needs to come up with an idea on how to stop Gamera from destroying the planet. So they conspire and did talk to several sciences and they have agreed to create a chemical bomb that they can drop over his head that would put him to sleep and thus they could place him in the rocket and send him off into space. They contact a nuclear physicist and a chemical warfare scientists their names are Dr. Siragusa who is a nuclear physicist and Dr. Medusa these two scientists are very well advanced in their knowledge of their perspective fields.

Dr. Siragusa-“okay Dr. really need to come up with some compounds that have sleeping agents in it and they will place them in a bomb that is encased with a radioactive encasing. The reason I say a radioactive encasing it is because this compound will liquefy inside this case. To the point when it explodes it will explode into a missed.”

Dr. Medusa-“I do agree with you Dr. Siragusa I would get right on it and I am sure you will go ahead and create the encasing and once I get the compound ready we will pour into the casing.”

Meanwhile Gamera is flying around the United States as he is heading for Washington DC there he lands on the White House lawn and he lets out a gigantic roar “annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

He looks around and is a complete circle and notices the White House as he heads towards it and also all the secret agents, nowhere and starts chewing Gamera with their puny little guns. Gamera is annoying Gamera is annoyed because they feel like little bug bites. The Secret Service keep firing and hopes that Gamera does not destroy the White House and in fact he doesn’t he becomes annoyed turns around and takes all to the air again. Now he is flying around Washington DC as a spinning he hits the Washington Monument breaking into pieces. Losing his balance after he hit the Washington Monument he crash lands on The National Mall Eventually Gamera stands up and turns around and looks at the Washington Monument as if to say “why did you get my way”

Gamera is tired of Washington DC because he knows there aren’t too many people that are evil here a special politicians it smells too bad for him so he takes all and says “I am out of here. Meanwhile the sciences have finally figured and come up on the compound and the bonds are created yes bombs meaning plural because it might take more than one bomb to put this monster to sleep. They have the bomb set up and ready to go as they take it to the nearest military base and a strap it to a jet fighter. There are two of them one on each side. The jet waits on the strip and waits for his orders to take all.

Gamera takes off and disappears into the sky and not seen again. Meanwhile at Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama they are setting up a rocket that will transport Gamera also planet and straight out into space. They have plugged in the coordinates so that this rocket just make a straight run out of the solar system. Gamera is now seen flying over Alabama and by coincidence lands at Space Camp. People are scrambling and run for their lives because a big giant turtle is about to attack them. Meanwhile the jet that is strap with the two bombs is not given the order to head to Huntsville Alabama and drop the bombs on top of Gamera. There is a very special compound next year in both of these bombs that when it hits the air should put Gamera to sleep.

Cmdr. In the Control Tower-“Lieut. Smith you are cleared for takeoff your zone to head to Huntsville Alabama a drop of the bomb on Gamera.”

Lieut. Smith-“yes sir I would head there immediately.”

Chapter 7

A New Monster

The engines fire up and he takes off down the strip and straight into the air and heads towards Huntsville Alabama. Gamera is destroying the buildings as well as the spaceships and lunar modules that are sitting outside he destroys them a plasma balls. Space Camp is now on fire but he has not hit the main rocket that will take off with him in it and this is because it is hidden from his year. It is miraged by military camouflage. The jet finally shows up and begins to put his coordinates into his and he begins to drop the bombs. Gamera notices this jet flying around as he looks up and suddenly he dropped the bombs and then explode right over his head. Now we wait for the compound to take effect and put Gamera to sleep so they can transport him into the rocket and get them off the planet.

There is one problem that chemical reaction with the air is taking an adverse effect on Gamera is angering him he is screaming as if he was in a tremendous amount of pain. The problem is this chemical this mix with the air is messing with his DNA as he slowly begins to change he is altering into something completely different than what he was. The military look on in shock as they see Gamera is now changing into a very evil looking Gamera. This Gamera is called the Izumi Gamera is a Gamera that was thought not to exist because of his evil existence is so also said they would never release this Gamera on society. In fact it is now released on society and now it will destroy everything in its path.

The original Gamera was just a miss understood monster and just pretty much destroyed things because he can his intentions was not to harm any humans however this new Gamera the Izumi Gamera will do just the opposite. The Izumi Gamera is similar to Godzilla in the way of his powers he has an atomic brass and also a nuclear type pulse. This Gamera lets out a screening like nothing that has ever been heard before. “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahah.

Izumi Gamera takes off of the sky and his jet propulsion system instead of a clear white blue tint is now a solid red orange. Gamera has been completely altered into a completely different monster.

Military Soldier on the Base of Space Camp-“what do you make of that Mr. Dooley.”

Mr. Dooley is a passerby-“I believe we have our hands full, this monster is deathly not friendly. I think we’re going to need to destroy this monster. Transporting Gamera from the planet Earth is no longer an option because this monster will not listen it will do what he needs to do.

Izumi Gamera takes off and heads towards Japan and it crashes down in Kyoto where it destroys Kyoto station as well as breathing its atomic breath and burning people within the station and stepping on people like their amps this Gamera is deathly not friendly. He continues his destruction and worked his way to Tokyo. Now Japan has a problem on its hands and the United States of America will help this country in stopping this monster. The question is whether gun he used to stop this monster with.

Chapter 8

Project Mecha-Gamera

The whole entire origin of Gamera has been known throughout history and has been told by the people of that Gamera does exist so within this process the military were getting ready in case Gamera did show up. Thus the idea of creating its mechanical version called Mecha-Gamera the plants for this robot related out back in the 1960s. The question is did he actually creates a Mecha-Gamera and the answer is yes they did. There is a military hive that is located in the Siberian wastelands of Russia is located in the Kremlin mountain range. Where it is hidden from seclusion and hidden from any aerial or human contact.

This hive is very secretive. Within the caves of the Kremlin Mountain we head down towards the tunnel and they make it to the entrance of the cave it is as large as an indoor Stadium with a platform in the center of the room and on top of that platform is a mechanical version of Gamera. This mechanical robot looks a lot like Gamera except it has a military high-grade armor plating that is encased through his entire body. Its arms have very sharp claws that can grab and rip and tear anything. It also has the capabilities of breathing plasma cannon type balls just like the original Gamera. It also has laser eyes and a very special weapon that is similar to the earth manner. It has a major weapon with in its chest plates and when it opens five huge cannons come out its chest and fire made atomic bombs and wants obliterating anything in its path. This Mecha-Gamera also has a capabilities of taking flight it has thrusters behind his legs and threw it shall plating on the back of the shell. It cannot talk his legs in because it was not built like that, but it can take off and fly just like Gamera except the thrusters are outside his body.

Mechanical Engineer Joe Brody-“I just ran diagnostics on Mecha-Gamera and she seems to be running perfectly all the weapons are aligned and the thrusters are ready.”

Chief Engineer Samantha Kinsale-“okay Joe let’s take Mecha-Gamera out for a test run.”

Joe-“yes ma’am okay people list get ready to just run Mecha-Gamera.”

They jump on the computers as they begin to align and set things up Mecha-Gamera suddenly wakes up and a few movements to make sure each and every one of the parts on Mecha-Gamera are working correctly. The last thing they’re going to test is his flight and how he works in the air and they will test his weapons. Mecha-Gamera’s head moves he moves a little forward and a little backwards he turned his body these parts are working really well. They test other parts of Mecha-Gamera’s body the chest plates open up and the five huge cannons come out they close back up and the chest plates up. The arm plates open to extract huge dagger like knives. The hands extract and and outcomes huge cannons that can shoot plasma balls. Everything is testing and working as well as they expected. Now the final tests are his flight patterns and the use of his weapons.

Joe-“Okay people let’s take Mecha-Gamera for a ride.”

Samantha-“Okay Joe everything looks good take him out.

Mecha-Gamera stands completely straight up with his arms to his side and suddenly the propulsion systems ignite blasting steam and hot air all across the room as he begins to take off. The roof above him immediately opens as he flies through and he takes flight to the air. They test his speed the maximum speed this Mecha-Gamera can go is Mach 3. They slow him down as he maneuvers with very good agile abilities and they begin to test his weapons on a mountain range outside the Kremlin mountain range. He fires his lasers and it cuts through the mountain burning and slicing the trees like butter. He then uses this cannons on his arms as issues of plasma balls they ignite and destroy an area of 500 ft.². Mecha-Gamera lands and heads towards a bunch of trees he raises his arms squeezes his hands the armor plating on his arms extract and outcomes gigantic slicing blades and he begins by us slicing his arms to the right and left of the trees cutting the trees without resistance. The last and final weapon they are going to use is the Megatomic Cannon. It sets its sights on one of the mountain ranges it stands the chest plates immediately open an account comes out exposing five shiny cannons that will be met mega atomic bursts of energy and it fires with extreme bright light and a continuously fires until it satisfies its mark. It is similar to cameras earth manner while much more destructive and man-made. It destroys the entire mountain range burning all the trees and vegetation and dating straight into the mountain exploding rock everywhere until there is a huge gaping hole inside the mountain. Thus Mecha-Gamera is ready to go.

Chapter 9

The Final Fight

Mecha-Gamera is ready to go meanwhile Izumi Gamera is destroying Japan as we speak and the military of the United States of America contact the Japanese defense force and let them know that they are bringing a mechanical version of Gamera to help them and defend the country. The Japanese are shocked at what they just heard because they did not think it is possible to create a now the monster or its mechanical counterpart. They reluctantly agree and they sent Mecha-Gamera to Japan and he flies to Japan information there in less than an hour because of his speed. The military found it show up four hours later in a high-powered jet and Mecha-Gamera is waiting at the airport completely shut down because he is remote control.

Izumi Gamera is blasting everything in this site and killing people with his atomic breath he is a total devastator and the question is will this Mecha-Gamera be able to stop this monster.

Cmdr. Frank Coke-“Sir I am the commander and controller of Mecha-Gamera and this is my partner in crime his name is Capt. Maxwell Smith is a controller of all Mecha-Gamera’s weapons as I control Mecha-Gamera mobility, and we will try to do our best to stop Izumi Gamera..”

Prime Minister of Japan-“I sure hope that you can stop Izumi Gamera because he’s already killed over 100,000 people.”

Cmdr. Frank Coke-“I would do the best that I can so to save your country”

Prime Minister of Japan-“you do that Mr. you do that!”

The final battle begins as Mecha-Gamera takes off from the airport and heads towards Kyoto were Izumi Gamera is and as he is flying Izumi Gamera who is as nightmarish as he can be looks up and sees Mecha-Gamera. Mecha-Gamera lands about 500 feet from Izumi Gamera and Izumi Gamera looks on as if to say “what the heck are you” Mecha-Gamera gets into position suddenly raises his arms and fires his cannons from his arms directly blasting Izumi Gamera in the chest because he did not expect it. Knocking Izumi Gamera to the ground he then suddenly gets back up and proceeds to blast Mecha-Gamera with the atomic blast knocking Mecha-Gamera off-balance.

Mecha-Gamera regained his balance and proceeds to continually fire his plasma ball cannons from his arms, but this time Izumi Gamera is outmaneuvering the plasma balls.

Capt. Frank Coke-“This Izumi Gamera is pretty damn fast for a turtle if you get my drift!”

Capt. Maxwell Smith-“That is Sir that he is there is a problem Mecha-Gamera is running out of plasma ball energy. We need to reserve it for the mega cannons.”

Cmdr. Frank Coke-“Okay let’s reserve and stop using the plasma cannons and let’s go to his eye beams we use those for now and as a last resort we would use his shoulder cannons. The very last thing we use is the Megatomic Cannon.”

Meanwhile Izumi Gamera charges Mecha-Gamera and collides with him knocking Mecha-Gamera to the ground because he did not have a solid footing and eventually makes his way up and approaches Izumi Gamera, but this time there is a secret weapon within the arms of Mecha-Gamera and that are his plates it extracts them and slices it Izumi Gamera at a very fast rate slicing his entire chest open and Izumi Gamera falls to the ground in pain. Mecha-Gamera walks over and starts to step on him and Izumi Gamera eventually regains enough sense to grab Mecha-Gamera split and push him off knocking Mecha-Gamera to the ground.

Izumi Gamera gets back up and Mecha-Gamera also gets back up Izumi Gamera takes to the air and Mecha-Gamera looks up to see where he is going and his thrusters automatically ignite from his shell and his legs as he takes to the air and goes after Izumi Gamera. They fly around in tactical format and very spectacular aerial assaults as Mecha-Gamera fires his laser beams and Izumi Gamera fires back with his atomic breath and then eventually lands back down on earth and as he lands because of his massive size he destroys everything under his feet. Mecha-Gamera on the other hand has thrusters so he lands very carefully and softly. Now the final battle begins as Mecha-Gamera sets his sights on Izumi Gamera because Izumi Gamera is now tired and realizes that this thing is not to stop. It looks at Mecha-Gamera and suddenly blasts it with atomic breath and at a constant rate walks towards Mecha-Gamera while breathing atomic breath on him it is slowly melting his plates. Mecha-Gamera starts to back up and eventually falls to the ground and the system within Mecha-Gamera are going haywire.

Capt. Frank Coke-“I think we need to use the Megatomic Cannon’s now before he destroys Mecha-Gamera. I will position Mecha-Gamera further distance so we can use the Megatomic Cannon’s on easily Gamera.”

Capt. Maxwell Smith-“yes sir I will get the Canon set up and ready to go. I am configuring it now.”

Izumi Gamera is still blasting Mecha-Gamera and suddenly the thrusters go on from Mecha-Gamera’s back and legs as he takes off to the air. He eventually lands behind Izumi Gamera and you can see heavy damage done to his chest plates whether it opens up is something we will have to see. The chest plates to eventually open up at their awkward and they are stuck and jammed then I completely opened this is a problem.

Capt. Frank Coke-“I will try to use Mecha-Gamera’s arms open up the plates so the cannon can extract.”

Capt. Maxwell Smith-“if you do this or I’ll be able to use the weapon see which you can dip”

Mecha-Gamera’s head bends down towards his chest as he raises his arms and grasses chest plates and pulled it open and suddenly the Megatomic Cannon is now moving forward and out of his chest. Mecha-Gamera then looks up at Izumi Gamera and notices that Izumi Gamera is looking at Mecha-Gamera with curiosity and Izumi Gamera does not know what will happen to it next. Suddenly Mecha-Gamera plants his feet and his feet are anchored to the ground and a weird humming sound comes from Mecha-Gamera’s chest. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Suddenly a huge blast come from the five cannons and it is a constant blast and it hits Izumi Gamera directly into the chest the energy is so extreme that it literally surrounds Izumi Gamera was entire body as it continues its onslaught on Izumi Gamera a would literally be 5 min. later that Mecha-Gamera would run out of energy and wind down and recharge as for Izumi Gamera well he is severely damaged you see his entire chest is wide open and it is raw with flesh and skin hanging out as well as his shell is severely damaged, but he is still alive. As much as they thought the Megatomic Cannon would destroy Izumi Gamera it just wasn’t enough.

Chapter 10

The Last Resort

Now that Mecha-Gamera has completely run out of energy and needs to recharge. The question is what are they going to do with Izumi Gamera. The two soldiers that are operating Mecha-Gamera come up with a crazy idea and use the original ideal of transporting Izumi Gamera out into space. The ideal is to hope that Izumi Gamera does not recover enough to destroy Mecha-Gamera because they want to use Mecha-Gamera to get a hold of Izumi Gamera lock him into the spaceship closes doors and then take a rocket to space. It would only take an hour for Mecha-Gamera to be charged enough to do what needs to be done as long as he doesn’t have to use any weapons. Mecha-Gamera has a special harness that is hidden within his shell. He will use that to strap and Izumi Gamera and taken to the rocketship.

Mecha-Gamera then starts to move towards Izumi Gamera who is too weak to do anything is barely standing up. He struggles a little bit but gives up because he no longer has the strength. Mecha-Gamera grabs him with his hooks and digs into his shell and locks himself into position. Mecha-Gamera’s back plates suddenly open up from the center out they look like gigantic wings however there is a mechanical harness located within the shell of Mecha-Gamera. It shoots out wraps around Izumi Gamera and Mecha-Gamera and gigantic hooks are locked.

Mecha-Gamera begins to thrust up to the sky as he takes off with Izumi Gamera as they fly towards the rocketship Izumi Gamera is struggling and they make it to the rocket and crash land to the pavement below because of the Izumi Gamera struggling. They both get up even though Izumi Gamera is wounded he still manages to get on his feet and Mecha-Gamera is now losing energy again so he eventually shuts down. They need at least another hour in order for Mecha-Gamera to place Izumi Gamera into the rocket. Izumi Gamera slowly healing because it does have regenerative powers that will completely healed him however he will be scarred. So Izumi Gamera eventually falls to the ground and his head and legs sneak back into the shell as the people wait to see it take off.

They wait and they wait they hope it does not take off and they are in luck it doesn’t. It is lying there trying to heal itself so we can get back on its feet and continue its onslaught. It would be another hour later Mecha-Gamera is now charged again to do what he needs to give. The trick is to pick up Izumi Gamera while he is still in his shell and do this carefully without trying to wake him up. Mecha-Gamera eventually picks him up on his shelves this in over his head and starts walking towards the rocket. While doing this everyone is hoping that Izumi Gamera does not wake up however you do see his head sticking out of his shell and he realizes that Mecha-Gamera is tearing him to a rocket. He then struggles as they both fight and suddenly they fall towards the rocket destroying the rocket.

Capt. Frank Coke-“Oh My God now what are we going to do there is no way we can get rid of this monster.”

Capt. Maxwell Smith-“I don’t know either sir I just don’t know.”

Meanwhile Capt. Frank Coke is trying to control Mecha-Gamera as he fights with Izumi Gamera suddenly does not have control of Mecha-Gamera as he looks at Mecha-Gamera he is fighting on his own. It is expected Capt. Maxwell and he proceeds to say

Capt. Frank Coke-“What the hell is going on here? Why can I not control him?

Capt. Maxwell Smith-“I do not know Sir it must have a self-preservation mode or something of that nature.”

Both soldiers look at each other and then look back at the fight and realize there is nothing they can do now. Both Izumi Gamera and Mecha-Gamera are fighting rather harshly and then suddenly Mecha-Gamera uses thrusters and thrust towards Izumi Gamera unsuspectingly. He then grabs him and strapped him in like he did before only this time his thrusters began to take off they blast out of his shell and then out of his legs as he looks up towards the sky he digs his claws into Izumi Gamera shell as they take off towards the sky. The soldiers know what Mecha-Gamera is doing he is taking Izumi Gamera off the planet straight into space. You see in the far distance Mecha-Gamera and Izumi Gamera are leaving the Earth’s atmosphere as they disappeared into the space.

The End

Godzilla vs Gamera: The Saviors of Earth

Written by Barney Buckley

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Chapter 1

Origins of Emperor Gamera

Deep in outer space a meteor shooting through like a shooting star, and it is heading towards the planet Earth. The date would be 1915 as it heads into the atmosphere of the planet it suddenly crashes in the Tibetan mountain ranges of China. Where he lays dormant and cooling off until the present day. It is now 2015 exactly 100 years after the meteor crashed in the Tibetan mountain ranges of China. Suddenly something is happening within the meteor it is leaking a black liquid and suddenly the meteor cracked wide open.

A whole godly amount of liquid splashes out all over the ground and is suddenly starts to solidify and crystallize to the point where monolith crystals are growing as it slowly forms what seems to be recognizable as a monster. We now know this meteor is from another planet and whatever was in this meteor is definitely a monster as it is slowly being created. This monster is taken on a form that is not recognizable and it stands around 120 m tall. Apparently it has a special cell regenerative agent within its body that allows it to take any form in likes.

As it is slowly developing it has on its back what looks like jet propulsion system that is very raw in nature and not fully developed. This monster looks into the sky and suddenly the turbine start to shake as they blast what looks like steam and suddenly fire and this monster takes to the air and begins to spend in a recognizable spin.

We all know on this planet the monster Gamera has not existed for well over 50 years it has not been seen since the attacks on Tokyo. It suddenly crash lands in a wooded area that has a small stream running through it and it is very quiet as nature’s creatures begin to run away from this gigantic menace. The creature suddenly notices a small turtle on the edge of the stream and looks at it and suddenly the monster’s eyes glow red and it suddenly transforms into what looks like a gigantic turtle with huge tusks on its lower jaw we now know this is a new Gamera.

This new Gamera is a lot larger than any Gamera that has been on this planet. Most of the Gamera’s that have been on this planet range anywhere from 60 to 80 m tall this particular monster is over 120 m tall it is the biggest of all the Gamera’s and it has special markings that no other Gamera has. The recognizable markings are his shell is different as they can flip up and down and move from side to side and it has over eight different looking propulsion systems on its shell as it is capable of taking off at a standpoint position. No other Gamera possesses this this is truly unique when it comes to Gamera’s.

This particular Gamera also has the most effective of all weapons that other Gamera’s have this Gamera has plasma balls as well as aeronautical maneuverability in the air and the shell on its outside is blade like so as it is spinning it can slice anything it comes in contact with. The most unique thing about this Gamera is the fact that it can bring back other Gamera’s back to life if it is transformed into what legends call Emperor Gamera this is the most majestic of all Gameras, and yes it is the largest of all the Gamera’s it is the king of all Gamera’s. It has a special weapon when turned into Emperor Gamera it can bring other Gamera’s back to life. In order for him to do this Gamera would have to go back to the Tibetan mountain ranges and somehow burrow in to the mountain ranges down into a cavern were all the Gamera’s have gone to die. It is called “The Gamera Boneyard” this can only happen when this particular Gamera is transformed into Emperor Gamera.

To do this one has to contact “The Great Priestess of Azumi” this priestess is in charge and has the power to summon the Great Spirit Azumi Kaisul who can change any Gamera into the all-powerful Emperor Gamera. Once Gamera has transformed into his familiar figure his shell plating’s open up and the turbines come out of the shell and begin to blast off as he takes to the sky. He then disappears into the ocean to rest and fully develop for this will take time.

Chapter 2

The Creation of a Monster Call That Godzilla

There is a race of aliens that come from the Planet X they are called Xilliens and this particular planet of aliens is located just past the planet Pluto in the far regions of the outside moon there lies Planet X. This is a truly evil and race of aliens that have very high technology and can specialize in hybrid creations of gigantic Kaiju’s. They also have the capabilities of transporting these Kaiju’s to other planets to serve their purpose.

The creation of Godzilla started with the Xilliens going to certain planets and grabbing the creatures that they feel would make great Kaiju’s and they transport them back to their planet and do what they need to do with them to create their Kaiju’s. Godzilla is no exception the Xilliens went to planet Earth during the prehistoric times and grabbed a dinosaur called Crocasaurus Rex which is classified as a super crocodile and is a four-long legged crocodile that walks on land and water. This was taken from the planet Earth and the other prehistoric alien like dinosaur that they use for hybrid technology is called Dynacasaurus. These particular alien like dinosaurs resemble the iguanas here on planet Earth except they are 10 times larger than an iguana.

This particular monster is very unique as the hybrid technology combined and both creatures to create Godzilla not knowing that the alien dinosaur had the capabilities of atomic energy and so doing cell Godzilla has the capabilities of a nuclear pulse and atomic breath which can destroy anything it hits. It also has a gigantic powerful tail that can destroy anything it whips.

The Xilliens finally created Godzilla and they are planning to use this particular monster on the planet Earth. Their ideal is to take over the planet because their planet has been stripped of all its resources and the Xilliens can no longer sustain on this planet so they need another planet to live on so their ideal is to take over planet Earth.

What the Xilliens did not realizes this particular Kaiju was very susceptible to the conditions of Planet X and it grew from the normal 50 m to over 120 m making this the largest Godzilla ever. They did not anticipate the monster to grow like it did so they had to come up with something new in order to contain they created a helmet which locks onto the head of the monster and there they can control it and they do well doing it. They also inject the monster with enzymes that if it does get out of control all it has to do is release a certain chemical in the monster’s body and the enzymes will lead the monster inside all the way out until he disappears.

Chapter 3

Xilliens New Creature

The Xilliens have been working on the hybrid technology for quite some time now and in the process of creating Godzilla it also created another monster with unique abilities. This particular creature that they are creating was created with four legs a gigantic tail and a Dragon like head. This monster is called Goliath. It stands over 400 feet tall and is twice the size of Godzilla with wise. This particular monster is extremely huge. It special weapon will be mentioned later on. This particular monster has a lot of Godzilla like features and it is classified as a space Godzilla, but the monster’s name is called Goliath.

This monster also has a particular weapon it can extract little tiny creatures with crystallized spikes all around their body they can be impaled into his enemy or stepped on. These are very effective against the enemies it could shoot these guys out and given time and they are called Gryodans.

Chapter 4

The Military Might

The military on planet Earth is realigned and created a new organization simply because of the constant attack of Kaiju’s on earth. This particular group is called WSDF (World Self Defense Force) this is the mighty force that has many legions of soldiers from all over the world that are fitted with the special suits call cyber suits that are very heavily armored and loaded with weapons. Also the suits are submersible as they can breathe underwater or most conditions without taken off their masks as well as protection. The suits are heavily armored and they can withstand most blasts. These particular soldiers are called Cyber Soldiers.

These particular soldiers are dispersed whenever the earth is under attack and they are hidden all over the world so they are formed when they are called upon. These particular cyber soldiers also have a military might with heavily armored tanks as well as air attack helicopters. They also have maser tanks.

Chapter 5

The Story As It Unfolds

As we all know the existence of Gamera he is somewhere located in the Pacific Ocean resting. Back on the Planet X after the creation of Godzilla and the monster Goliath they are transported into the Xilliens spaceship’s by means of the shrinking them down into DNA particles and reanimated in the earth’s atmosphere when the time comes. Because of the destruction of their planet they need to act fast as a huge squadron of these Xilliens ships take off from their planet and head towards the planet Earth.

The Xilliens ship that holds both monsters goes ahead of the squadron to be at planet Earth first and released the monsters on the total destruction of the planet. Both monsters are definitely under the control of the Xilliens by mind control from the use of a special machine that is equipped on the Xilliens ship and the Xilliens would take a seat in the mind control is incorporated with a special helmet that they put on their head there are two of the seeds because they are two monsters each one is controlled separately and the Xilliens control them separately when they are released.

The Xilliens ship shows up on the planet and it is very dark as it is night as they slowly disappear into the world small lake located in Tokyo Japan. They then release Godzilla as he rises out of the lake and he heads towards Tokyo. No one has ever seen a monster like this they have had Kaiju on this planet but nothing like this. As he thunders towards the city and he makes his way towards the city he immediately uses his atomic breath and strikes all the buildings as they crumble to dust as he begins to destroy the city of Tokyo.

Meanwhile in the Pacific Ocean were Gamera is located at. He suddenly wakes up and senses there is a threat located in Tokyo he immediately takes off and blasts out of the ocean and starts spinning and flying towards Tokyo. He starts spinning and sees the mighty beast they call Godzilla he then immediately spends into a standup position and crash lands just in front of Godzilla. Gamera immediately lets out a gigantic roar that echoes across the sky and Godzilla does the same thing and then suddenly the Xilliens program Godzilla to attack Gamera. He blasts Gamera with his atomic breath and immediately knocks Gamera to the ground from this powerful weapon. Now Gamera is not very agile simply because he has a large carapace were shell that makes it awkward for him to maneuver unless he is in the air. He slowly gets up as he looks at Godzilla he suddenly blasts his Godzilla with his plasma balls. Godzilla is knocked off balance from the plasma ball as he is badly burned because the plasma balls are much more intense than that of his atomic breath.

Both Gamera and Godzilla slowly approach each other and start throwing fists at each other however Godzilla is more massive than Gamera and he has that massive tail as he does in fact use it and knocks Gamera to the ground. Godzilla then puts his foot on Gamera and begins to blast him with his atomic breath on his face and Gamera immediately tucks his head back into his shell. His arms and legs and immediately tucked inside Godzilla does not understand what is going on as he begins to spend underneath Godzilla’s foot. He spent so fast it knocks Godzilla to the ground as Gamera takes to the air and as he is flying he sticks his head out and immediately shoots plasma balls at Godzilla from the air. In aerial assault that Godzilla cannot fight off. Godzilla uses his atomic breath to try to knock Gamera out of the air but misses because Gamera in his aerial assault is just too quick for Godzilla’s atomic breath and aim.

Gamera flies at a very rapid rate and so fast that Godzilla cannot keep up with it as Gamera maneuvers behind Godzilla he immediately clips him and knocks him to the ground. The Xilliens who control Godzilla realize they cannot stop Gamera as they realize that Gamera did in fact knockout Godzilla. It is then that the Xilliens decided to release the monster Goliath. Gamera is flying through the air when he suddenly sees a gigantic monster appearing between the wrecked buildings as it raises his head and destroyed everything in its path because of its massive this Gamera realizes he needs help.

Chapter 6

The Creation of Emperor Gamera

By this time the second barrage of Xilliens ships finally show up on the planet Earth and the Xilliens forewarn the people of planet Earth of their intentions. They are taking control of the planet. This is where the military might of World Self Defense Force go into immediate action. Meanwhile Gamera has taken off and heads is heading towards the Tibetan mountain ranges located in China. They are located within the mountain range is what people call “The Gamera Boneyard” Gamera slowly spends into a complete stop and lands at the base of the mountain range very close to the “Great Priestess of Azumi” this particular priestess has the power to release the spirit of the Emperor that converts any Gamera into the most powerful version of a Gamera.

The priestess lives in a cave and praise to the Gamera stone which is a stone that is carved and looks like an evil version of Gamera however this is the Emperor Gamera who is a benevolent one and not so much evil as it is very wise and majestic version of Gamera. The priestess steps outside and notices Gamera looking straight at her as she is startled she has never seen a real Gamera up close and personal. The priestess and Gamera look at each other and the priestess realizes he means her no harm and he is there for the very reason that she is the Great Priestess of Azumi. She understands and knows what she needs to do as she enters back into the cave and praise to the mystic God of Emperor and after she is done with her prayer suddenly a black and purplish smoke seeps out of the stone and worked his way outside and heads towards Gamera and Gamera consumes it breeds it in.

It is then that Gamera begins to go through a change and he is increasing in size because he was originally 80 m tall he is now grown to 120 m and his looks are not as friendly looking as they used to be this is because of the Emperor was originally a nightmare Gamera. Nightmare Gamera’s have a tendency to not respect human life as they are the truest evil versions of Gamera. However this particular Gamera felt the need to do right for his evil doings and what he has done to the humans when he existed. He is hell-bent on doing the right thing and that is exactly what he is doing now he is taken over Gamera’s mind and body and becoming what is called the Emperor Gamera.

Emperor Gamera stands up and takes flight as he heads to the other side of the Tibetan mountain range where “The Gamera Boneyard” is located at as he knows where it is he immediately smashes into the base the mountain and digs his way in and keeps digging until he reaches a cavern which is very huge and at the base of the cavern is many many Gamera’s that have served for this planet and has since been gone. Gamera slowly spends to the base of the cavern and lands on his feet and looks around to see many different incarnations of Gamera as he has to choose at least three Gamera’s and bring them back to life.

Emperor Gamera roars and his eyes light up as he has the power to raise Gamera from the dead and he does it in sequence the Gamera’s that he raises are called Gamera R1, Gamera R2, and Gamera R3. Suddenly his entire body starts to glow red it is such a bright glow that it covers the entire cavern and suddenly three of the dead shells start lighting up as we see the Gamera’s coming back to life and all three Gamera’s stand up in front of this mighty Emperor Gamera as they begin to be explained as to why they were woken up Emperor Gamera explains her situation and they understand.

It is then after the changes he has become Emperor Gamera as he stands up and roars it is a thunderous and evil roar and it echoes across the sky. Gamera now has full thrusters all the way through his carapace as he uses them without hesitation and take straight for the sky and heads back towards Tokyo Japan. The other three Gamera’s do the same thing they roar as they take for the sky we now have four Gamera’s heading towards Tokyo Japan.

Chapter 7

Monsters Attack

Meanwhile back in Tokyo Godzilla filing wakes up from being knocked out by Gamera. Only to discover that there is a gigantic monster looming over him. He gets up and realizes that this monster Goliath is his friend and they both proceed to destroy the city. Meanwhile the military have come up with a harsh plan to somehow take control of the monsters, but the question is how are they going to do this. Because they cannot beat these monsters, so instead of beating them they are try to take control of them. A scientist that is working for the World Self Defense Force has a weapon that he has been working on for over 30 years and he thinks he finally perfected it. It is a weapon that sends out ultra-frequency radio waves through the air that will disband any kind of connections with conductors.

Godzilla is controlled by the Xilliens would special conductors that are located within the monster’s body and the military all they have to do is burn out those conductors and if it is a smart thing they are going to try it anyway. Meanwhile Goliath and Godzilla are destroyed Tokyo at a very rapid rate so the military need to get that weapon out there and hopefully they can take control or break the mind control of the Xilliens over Godzilla and to see what Godzilla would do once the control is broken.

They set up the machine and they begin to test it as a switch on the machine the tank that carries the weapon is loaded with 12 gigantic diodes that send out radio waves and they switch on the machine even though you cannot see it suddenly Godzilla and the monster Goliath*shaking our heads crazy it is then that the Xilliens realize are going to lose control of these monsters. They keep the machine on until we see explosions coming from Godzilla’s ears and the monster as well it falls to the ground and so does Godzilla.

Both monsters lay there shaking it is then suddenly the monster Goliath suddenly rises up because the Xilliens still have control over this monster. However they lost control of Godzilla. Goliath screams and roars into the night sky and suddenly Godzilla gets up shakes his head and looks at this monster and immediately is dorsal plates start lighting up for “pop, pop, pop, pop” and suddenly he blasts Goliath directly into the head scorching and pretty bad and at the same time upsetting the monster. Godzilla roars and swings back and forth to let him know that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Goliath does not have any special powers not as of yet however we will soon see what he is capable of. Godzilla hits him again with the atomic breath and then suddenly Goliath starts glowing red with purplish and orange tent Godzilla stands back as he is amazed at what he is seeing. He is actually seen the monster split into and after they both form into what they really are we now realize that this monster is called Space Godzilla and the Xilliens have this special weapon that literally takes the monster and duplicates and perhaps triples the monsters in this case it was duplicated so we now have two Godzilla’s that looked like Godzilla except they had gigantic crystals on their shoulders which emit high intensity electrical bolts of lightning and can do major damage.

Godzilla does his best to fight off both Space Godzilla’s however it is not enough as the military get in formation they start attacking the one Space Godzilla while Godzilla fights the other Space Godzilla however the Space Godzilla is much too powerful for Godzilla, but he tries his best it is then that we start seeing for spinning lights in the sky. The four Gamera’s finally show up and crash land right in front of the two Space Godzilla’s and Godzilla. Both Space Godzilla’s, Godzilla and the military look at the for Gamera’s as they are all completely different and they have different sizes to them as well. Emperor Gamera obviously is the largest one of the bunch he stands over 120 m tall and then Gamera R3 is the largest of the three Gamera’s he stands at 100 m tall and Gamera R2 stands at 80 m tall while the smallest one only stands at 60 m tall.

Chapter 8

Befriending a Monster

It is then that both Space Godzilla’s and Godzilla look at all the Gamera’s and wonder if they are friend or follow. Emperor Gamera looks at Godzilla and realizes he is different from the last time he fault with him he senses that this Godzilla is no longer under control and by the looks of the two Space Godzilla’s he has been fighting them so he realizes that Godzilla has been fighting them. Ever Gamera looks at the other three Gamera’s and communicate with them and pretty much tells them help Godzilla fight these two Space Godzilla’s.

All for Gamera’s take flight and begin to blast both Space Godzilla’s to the point that the Xilliens were worried if the monsters might die at the hands of all these Gamera’s, so they decided to go ahead and blast both of these monsters and create two more Space Godzilla’s. We now have four Space Godzilla’s that the Gamera’s have to fight as well as Godzilla and the military they had their hands full. Now with all four Space Godzilla’s it is two of the Gamera’s that being Gamera are one and Gamera are two are fighting one of the Space Godzilla’s, Gamera are three is fighting off a Space Godzilla, and Emperor Gamera is also fighting another Space Godzilla as well as Godzilla fighting another Space Godzilla and the World Self Defense Force is strategically placed all around all four monsters as the soldiers and the military might fight and help these other monsters defeat these monsters.

While fighting the Space Godzilla’s have their hands full they automatically dispatch their special weapon which is called Gryodans and these are tiny little crystallized creatures that come from Space Godzilla and they have very sharp crystallized spikes that can pierce the skin and do some major damage as 1 million of them are dispersed from all four Space Godzilla’s and they are flying around at a very rapid rate they are slicing and dicing all the Gamera’s as well as Godzilla they are doing major damage to these guys. It is then that the cyber soldiers began to fire on these little guys as there are so many of them they do the best they can to fight them off.

Chapter 9

The Fight Continues

Meanwhile the fight with Godzilla ensues as Space Godzilla keeps knocking him around Godzilla as finally had enough. He immediately looks at the Space Godzilla and takes his left foot and slams it into the ground his right foot slams that into the ground and then his tail directly into the ground locking him into position and then suddenly with mighty force he fires on Space Godzilla. Gamera R1 and Gamera R2 are fighting consistently with the other Space Godzilla and firing a barrage of plasma balls at this base Godzilla.

Emperor Gamera is fighting another Space Godzilla while Gamera R3 is also got his hands full they both seem to fire barrages of plasma balls and eventually fight fist to fist with the monsters and at the same time we had the Gryodans attacking all the Gamera’s and Godzilla and the military are still trying to shoot them down. All four Space Godzilla’s admit their electrical bolts of lightning and knock all the Gamera’s to the ground as well as Godzilla these particular monsters are very hard to stop as they are being controlled by the Xilliens. It is then that the World Self Defense Force has decided to use their special weapon on the Xilliens spaceship’s in doing so they do manage to weaken the spaceships force field as Godzilla senses that and he blasts the Xilliens spaceship to smithereens. This particular Xilliens spaceship has a special weapon that duplicates the Space Godzilla’s so that stops. Also they lost control of Space Godzilla it is then they are totally confused and all the Gamera’s as well as Godzilla realizes and go on a barrage of attacks on these Space Godzilla’s.

All of the Gamera’s and Godzilla as well as the World Self Defense Force no and realized that the Space Godzilla’s no longer have control and one by one they are going to be taken out now. Gamera R1 and Gamera R2 hit that Space Godzilla with a barrage of plasma balls simultaneously and they destroyed him as he explodes into a big ball of fire. Both Gamera’s roar at each other as they take flight as they head towards Gamera are three and help him destroy that Space Godzilla with a barrage of plasma balls and they simultaneously fly into Space Godzilla with their shells knocking him down and knocking him around. That Space Godzilla gets up and uses his electrical crystallized powered weapon and attack all three the Gamera’s however as they are flying it is only deflecting off of their carapace. All three simultaneously flight into Space Godzilla spinning at the same time and they immediately cut off his head as he falls to the ground he also explodes into a mighty ball of flame.

Meanwhile Emperor Gamera has his hands full as the other three Gamera show up and the all take flight and simultaneously shoot fireball directly at this particular Space Godzilla and as they fire all four of the plasma balls lineup simultaneously and hit Space Godzilla four times destroyed him completely. Meanwhile the World Self Defense Force are trying mercilessly to stave off the Gryodans as there are not too many left simply because three of the Space Godzilla’s were destroyed. We only have one left and that is the one that Godzilla has to defeat.

Meanwhile the last Space Godzilla is giving Godzilla hard way to go it is then that Godzilla suddenly charges Space Godzilla and locks onto him by giving him a big bear hug and Space Godzilla is struggling it is then see a unique power from this monster they call Godzilla. It is called a nuclear pulse and he used it on Space Godzilla and it immediately destroyed and blew his arms off and his chest it is then that Godzilla falls back locks both his legs into the ground and slams his tail into the ground he then lets out a mighty roar all of a sudden his eyes light red and his entire body starts glowing red and he immediately blasts Space Godzilla with what is now called a red atomic blast that is much more powerful than his standard atomic blast. He continually shoots the rate until this Space Godzilla is totally obliterated by his atomic blast.

Chapter 10

The Final Confrontation

Well it seems that all the monsters have been destroyed and all of the Gamera’s are standing there and looking at Godzilla and waiting for him to attack so they can destroy him. However as Godzilla looks at the other for Gamera’s he realizes he does not have a chance against these Gamera’s and he looks at Emperor Gamera as if to say thank you for your help I am on a strange planet and I am not sure what my purpose here is. It is then that Emperor Gamera no longer needs the other Gamera’s because Godzilla is not classified as a threat as of right now. Emperor Gamera looks into the sky and roars a mighty roar that echoes across the sky and all three Gamera’s Gamera are one, Gamera R2, and Gamera R3 suddenly disappear because they are no longer needed.

It is now Godzilla and Emperor Gamera looking at each other as they both look around at the destruction and then suddenly back to each other and they look at each other as if to say take you for your help it is then that Emperor Gamera begins to stretch his arms and his shell plates expand open to allow the turbines to open up and fire as he takes to the sky and disappears forever. Emperor Gamera crashes into the ocean and remains on the seafloor however he does transform back into Gamera and the spirit that was with in him is no longer there in no longer needed and it returns back to its home. Meanwhile Godzilla on the other hand he looks at the military and within his mind as he looks at them he realizes that they did in fact help him and he looks at the destruction of Tokyo and looks back at the man and proceeds to walk out of Tokyo towards the Pacific Ocean he finally makes it to the ocean and jumps in and disappears for now.

There are two mystical and benevolent protectors of this planet as they both are sleeping well in the ocean who knows if the confrontation between the two of them will ever happen again or if it does not. The planet knows it has great warriors protecting it and there is no telling what other threats will occur, but we do know that there are two mighty monsters that hopefully will be our Savior.

Gamera vs Gorolanus: The Siberian Stand-Off

Written by Barney Buckley

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We travel to Russia and head over to the Siberian wastelands. They are located in the frosty regions of Siberia is a mountain range that is heavily guarded by the Russian military. This particular mountain ranges called “Caucasus Mountain Ranges” within this mountain range is a hidden Fortress that is hidden from the public eye and only certain people can enter this mountain range. It does in fact hide the most advanced hybrid technology in creating new Kaiju. However no one is supposed to know about this particular technology because as we speak they are creating a new Kaiju within this mountain range.

We see a military jeep that is bringing into scientists that will help further the advance of the new creation of this monster. The men that are in this jeep are Doctor Antanov is a nuclear fission’s scientist and he knows how to take nuclear energy and incorporated into hybrid technology increase in the strength and body mass of a Kaiju or animal in general. The other doctor is Doctor Daisaka who is from Japan. He is a hybrid geneticist that is highly trained in the creation and merging of DNA to create brand-new monsters or Kaiju’s.

The men who were in the Jeep make it to the entrance of the cave and the name of this facility is the Chimerian Project X. The driver of the Jeep hands the orders to one of the military soldiers that is guarding the entrance of this military base. He does in fact read it and lets them in these huge doors open up as a drive-in and they drive down a tunnel which literally takes them almost 5 minutes to get down to the center of the tunnel. This particular base is huge.

The 2 scientists reached their destination as they are approached by a Russian Col. General who has been part of the military secrets for Russia for over 30 years now and his name is Colonel General Stravga.

Colonel General Stravga-(and a very deep Russian accent) “Welcome gentlemen my name is Colonel General Stravga and I have been working for the Russian government for over 30 years now and we brought you 2 on to help us with our technology because we cannot seem to advance to a certain point!”

Doctor Antanov-“I do not understand why we are here. I am a nuclear fission physicist and my colleague Doctor Daisaka is a hybrid geneticist and all we can see is you need us for this very reason and what is the reason Sir!”

Colonel General Stravga-“as you already know we brought you and this is top-secret and you need to understand that what you see here does not leave here!”

Doctor Daisaka-“Because I am a hybrid geneticist it is my understanding because of what I know you have something back there that is probably a mistake!”

Colonel General Stravga-“Yes Doctor Daisaka we do have something back there and that is why I asked both of you to keep what you see here it stays here and it is my understanding that if the secret should get out it will calls all kinds of problems for this planet!”

Doctor Antanov-“Colonel General Stravga what is it that you need us to do and whatever it is we will do our best to keep your secret!”

As Colonel General Stravga looks at both of the doctors he reluctantly agrees and they all get back into the Jeep and traveled down another tunnel of this huge mountain and they come to the entrance of a giant round dome. Suddenly the Jeep stopped in front of the entrance and both doctors are amazed at what they are seeing.

It is now understood why Colonel General Stravga would like to have them keep their secret and now the scientists understand what they were brought here for, and that is to assist with the other scientists who in fact created a new monster and this new monster is a hybrid crossover between a lion and a tiger and has huge gigantic wings. This particular monster is called “Gorolanus” this particular monster is only 15 feet tall and with the help of these 2 doctors that they are bringing in they hope to increase the size of this monster. Now why are they creating a creature like this is simple because science says they can. It is a curiosity of man that tells them if we can create a creature like this why not.

Both of the doctors gathered Jeep and walked slowly to the center of this room as they look at this amazing Kaiju that is hanging from the ceiling and they are truly amazed at the Russian technology in creating such a creature. This particular creature as mentioned is a hybrid of a tiger and lion it also has huge wings and some other features they did in fact notice is this hybrid Kaiju has gigantic claws on each of its paws and they are bigger than normal. The uniqueness of this Kaiju is it does have black stripes running down the entire length of its blue body. The wings are a bluish blackish tent and it has the head of a tiger lion or liger.

It is quite noticeable that this hybrid Kaiju is only about 15 feet tall and roughly 30 feet long and now the doctors realize why they are here.

Doctor Daisaka-“Did you bring us here to increase the size and mass of your hybrid Kaiju?”

Colonel General Stravga-“That is correct! Are you okay with this?”

Doctor Antanov-“Do we really have a choice we were brought here under duress!”

Colonel General Stravga-“As you so eloquently put it I suppose not Dr., but I do ask that you keep this a secret!”

Both doctors look at each other as if to say this is completely wrong this is going to get out of hand however they rent reluctantly do what they have to do and they get to work immediately. It would be 2 weeks later through all the technology and knowledge of both these doctors they managed to increase the size of Gorolanus. The monster is now twice its size it is now over 30 feet tall and 60 feet long and the legs of this monster are now touching the floor.

They do further testing and then suddenly without notice Colonel General Stravga approaches both doctors and asks them to incorporate a bacteria into the body of Gorolanus as a secret weapon. Both doctors look at each other and then look back at the Col. Gen. and no that the Col. Gen. and his intentions are no good. They are evil intentions. The doctors know they are going to be forced to do this because there are soldiers all around the base with highly effective military machine guns that will kill at the drop of a hat on the order of the general’s commands.

Colonel General Stravga-“Doctors as you see over there to your left it is a machine with a bunch of tubes hanging out of it and it is also computer-based and what I need you to do is hook that machine up to Gorolanus and inject that bacteria into his body without it harming him.”

Doctor Antanov-“I do not know anything about incorporating bacteria or anything into a body!”

Doctor Daisaka-(reluctantly and hesitantly looks at the general) I can help you with this this is what I was trained for I am a Hybrid Geneticist. I can definitely do this for you however you need to understand the consequences of doing this you are creating a weapon that could possibly if the military shoots at it that bacteria could release into the air and kill everyone on this planet!”

Colonel General Stravga-“That is the whole point of this experiment doctors! I want to create this Chimerian beast to wreak havoc on the entire planet and forewarn the people of this planet of its impending danger when the time comes! (The Col. laughs evilly)

The doctors know that if they do not do what they are told they will die. They are forced to create this beast as they hook up the tubes to the sleeping Chimerian beast and they begin the 1st of 3 stages to incorporate this bacteria that would literally take over 2 weeks to incorporate properly.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet we all know of the existence of Gamera he has been hibernating for over a few years now since his last battle with the Space Godzilla’s Gamera is resting on the ocean floor located near the islands of Hawaii. Gamera suddenly wakes up as he senses something is wrong is then the military have been keeping an eye on Gamera as they notice he spends out of the ocean suddenly startled the military as he begins to take towards the sky. He immediately starts to head over to Russia where he senses the threat.

By this time a couple months have gone by and the bacteria has been incorporated into Gorolanus and Doctor Daisaka is now successfully completed his hybrid technology into Gorolanus and now the Col. Gen. wants to wake up this monster. He has all of his scientists and the 2 doctors stepping out of the way. He steps up to the control panels that initially would release all the tubes and chains that are holding this beast up there are a few tubes running through his head and which if he pushes the red button on the panel it will then immediately wake up Gorolanus, but before doing that a gigantic cage comes down from the ceiling and covers the beast as he begins to wake up the beast.

Colonel General Stravga looks at everybody around the room and looked down at the red button and then looks at the Chimerian beast Gorolanus and pushes the button. It is then we see a red sparkly glow all around the Chimerian beasts head as he begins to move it suddenly wakes up and when it is fully awake it roars like the mightiest tiger or lion and it echoes all through the room and all through the military base. Everyone within the military base hears this mighty roar. The beast knows it is trapped as it looks at everybody and it looks at Colonel General Stravga that is standing above everyone else he does in fact notice him and looks at him as if to say I am going to kill you.

Doctor Antanov-“Holy Crap what the hell did we just helped create?”

Doctor Daisaka-“I think we created a demon and a very powerful and destructive weapon that could annihilate everyone and everything on this planet!”

Doctor Antanov-“we know if this Chimerian beast ever escapes we cannot harm it because of the bacteria that is incorporated into the bloodstream of Gorolanus!

Doctor Daisaka-(secretly whispers into Doctor Antanov’s ear) I want to tell you that this bacteria that they created I did do some research and I do have a serum that is the antidote to what the bacteria that is flowing in Gorolanus his body if I injected into the body of Gorolanus it will destroy all the bacteria in his body however it will destroy Gorolanus himself or so I think!”

Gorolanus becomes agitated because he is trapped in the cage and he starts smashing abruptly into the cage and the scientists as well as the doctors are worried that he might lead and released the bacteria right there inside the military base so the automatically left the cage and let the monster roam free. It runs around inside the room as a looks for a way out. It suddenly sees the entrance and charges for it and heads right up the tunnel. The doctors and everyone get out of its way because it is a very big beast as he charges up towards the entrance and it is now in front of the main doors and everyone is surrounding Gorolanus cautiously and they realize if they do not open these doors it will smashes way through obviously calls in itself to bleed and killing everyone on the planet of the main thing is to get this monster out in the open and that roam free outside.

Doctor Daisaka did in fact create a serum and created a gigantic dart and conveniently they have a gun that shoots darts and the doctor immediately gets the gun and that you darts with the serum and immediately runs outside. To watch and see were Gorolanus takes off because it does in fact have wings and it has not yet figured that part out yet. Gorolanus is running outside playing in the snow this is typical of tigers and lions they can be very playful at times Gorolanus is no exception to that rule except he is 5 times larger than a tiger and lion.

Doctor Antanov- (looks at Colonel General Stravga) “Excuse me Col. you do see I have these 2 darts and yes it is a serum that will eliminate the bacteria in Gorolanus his body we need to shoot Gorolanus with these darts and destroyed him!”

Colonel General Stravga- (quickly grabs the gun from the doctor) “You will do no such thing!”

Doctor Daisaka-“You have to kill this creature if you do not it will kill everyone on the planet including yourself. The bacteria in that body is highly contagious and what it does is once it is in the bloodstream or on the skin it immediately melts the entire existence of organisms to absolutely nothing but a puddle of liquid. Plus there is no telling what he can do to the vegetation on this planet what you did is created a deadly weapon that should not exist on this planet. It is a threat to the entire planet!”

Colonel General Stravga-“I do not care. The reason I created this monster was to wipe out the entire planet human and Kaiju existence!”

The Col. steps back and suddenly he changes into an alien because he is not human and his intentions is to totally annihilate the planet of any human or Kaiju existence and take the planet for his own and for his people. This particular alien is the leader of an alien race called Axiom which is a breed of alien that stands around 10 feet tall and these are very strange looking aliens as they appear to have to normal size arms with giant tentacle fingers. It does in fact have another arm that seems to extend all the way to the ground and act like a leg. Because of this 3rd arm this alien is tripod based it has 3 legs or one arm and 2 legs and the one arm acts like the tripod based for the alien. The 2 back legs extend up to a very small torso and the most unique thing about this alien is the 4 tentacles that seem to fly around its body and are connected to the torso. The head of this alien it has one eye it is very Cyclops like however the eye does stretch from the top of the head down to the other side as if it were a smile.

This particular alien race wants to take over the planet and the doctors know they need to shoot Gorolanus with this serum however this alien will not let them. It seems that the doctors are not too intimidated right now with this new alien life form from Axiom, so they converse with this alien as he reveals his real name.

Cyranax-“my real name is Cyranax! I am from the planet Axiom and I will explain to each and every one of you as to why I am here! The reason is my planet is going to be destroyed because restricted of its resources and now the planet is beginning to break up, so we came to your planet and realize you have the similar conditions that is like our own so with this in mind we will be taking over your planet and with Gorolanus he will destroy all life on this planet. “hahahahahahahaha”

The doctors continued to talk to Cyranax as in fact one of the doctors did notice that one of the scientists brought to his attention that he in fact had a dart gun, so it is Doctor Daisaka who has to manage to sneak the serum to this particular scientist so he can shoot Gorolanus. Without Cyranax’s knowledge it manages to get them to the hands of the scientists as he carefully loads the darts into the gun. The gun is ready and loaded meanwhile Gorolanus is jumping around in the snow as he is jumping he started to realize the use of his wings as he begins to take flight and he crashed lands. The scientist knows he needs to shoot this at Gorolanus before he takes off into the air.

The conversation still continues with Cyranax as the scientist suddenly shoots both dart out of the gun directly into Gorolanus as it hits his midsection the serum immediately takes effect it is then that Gorolanus crashes down into the ground completely unconscious. Cyranax notices this and is immediately angry with the humans. The doctor start running the scientist are running as Cyranax looks at Gorolanus he suddenly realizes that the serum has an adverse effect instead of killing him and the bacteria it in fact makes them grow so now that Gorolanus is now 50 m tall and 80 m long he is now the equivalent of Gamera.

Cyranax is amazed at what he saw as he sees that Gorolanus is now in full size Kaiju which is not the worst thing because his real intentions have now changed the creature into a full size Kaiju so he is still happy about this and he begins to laugh and mutter at the humans. Gorolanus finally gets to his feet and roars into the sky and it echoes across the sky. At this point in time it is midafternoon and the sky is just starting to get dark and that humans almost Cyranax are now at a standstill because of not sure what Gorolanus will do or what he is capable of doing.

The doctors are not sure if the bacteria or the serum worked to get rid of the bacteria or why the reason it had an adverse effect on Gorolanus they are not sure if he is still a threat.

Doctor Daisaka-(looks at Doctor Antanov) “Dr. do you think the serum worked in the way that the bacteria will no longer harm anything on this planet!”

Doctor Antanov-of “I am not sure Dr., I am not sure?”

Cyranax-“What are you doctors talking about?”

Both Doctors at Once-“Oh,Oh nothing Cyranax?”

Just a few seconds after Cyranax was talking to the doctors. One of the doctors notices a bright spiral in the sky. Doctor Antanov points directly in the direction of what he saw and mutters these words…

Doctor Antanov-“What in God’s name is that?”

Doctor Daisaka-“That is the mighty Gamera!”

Cyranax looks to the sky to see what it is that could be a Gamera. It gets closer as it spends Cyranax realizes it is a gigantic Kaiju however it does resemble a gigantic turtle. It is then the Cyranax realizes that Gamera has come to fight Gorolanus which in his mind is a good thing because if Gamera injures Gorolanus will release the bacteria or so Cyranax thinks? Gamera is very close as he spends to the earth he suddenly flips from flying form to standing form and crash lands down to earth.

Because Gamera is such a massive turtle that when he comes crashing down everything around him rumbles and crumbles as a snow on the mountain slides down and it does bring the attention of Gorolanus as he is now confronted with a gigantic turtle they call Gamera. Gorolanus senses that Gamera is a threat and gets into a stance were he could possibly charge Gamera and begins to roar and his roar is so mighty that it echoes across the sky.

Doctor Daisaka-“This is going to be a good fight!”

Cyranax-(looks at Doctor Daisaka) My Chimerian beast will lay waste to your Savior! (Laughs loudly)

Doctor Antanov-“We will see, we will see!”

It is then that Gamera lets out his mighty roar and it to echoes across the sky! ARRRRRRRRRRRRARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Suddenly Gorolanus looks at Gamera and begins to charge at Gamera and Gamera is not very quick moving because of his large carapace, so he does his best and manages to slip past Gorolanus as Gorolanus is extremely fast because he is the hybrid of a tiger and lion so he has immense speed. It is then that Gorolanus a meal he charges back takes flight and crashes directly into Gamera. Knocking Gamera to the ground Gorolanus takes flight again circled back around and hovers over Gamera literally landing on top of him because Gamera cannot get up if he is on his back. Gorolanus tries to bite at Gamera’s head and Gamera keeps talking his head into his shell. Gorolanus tries to swipe him with his mighty claws and only manages is to scratch at his tough shell.

Gorolanus takes to the air again and comes crashing down on Gamera once again however Gamera starts to spin and he is spinning at a very rapid rate however Gorolanus has locked his claws on all 4 of his paws onto the shell of Gamera as he cannot be shaken off so Gamera takes flight and heads into the air and manages to turn upside down and completely spent at a rapid rate eventually Gorolanus let us go and starts flying in the air as well.

The aerial assault continues as Gamera is spinning in Gorolanus is slashing at him in the air, and suddenly a new and prevailing weapon is shown on Gamera’s carapace as the outer shell plating’s immediately extract out word and now they act like razor’s as he is spinning it is then that Dr. start to worry because they seeing what the shell was capable of doing and if Gamera slices into Gorolanus it will probably mean impending danger for the planet. Cyranax and the rest of the crew look on because there is nothing they can do and eventually Gamera did in fact get close enough to slice Gorolanus on his side and by doing this it knocked Gorolanus off-balance as he crashes down to earth. It is then that Gamera can spinning back down to earth crash lands in front of Gorolanus.

The doctors watch on with the eager anticipation and hopes that the serum did in fact work. Cyranax is laughing because he knows that Gorolanus had that bacteria and the bacteria what you do not realize he could kill him to and Cyranax slips into a time war that takes him off the planet in hopes that the entire planet would eventually die. Cyranax looks from another dimension as he has the capabilities and advanced technology that allows him to see all the worlds through this escape pod that he is it.

The people of the earth are waiting however even though Gorolanus is bleeding he does immediately heal and nothing seems to be happening with the blood that fell on the ground as the vegetation still remains intact so apparently the serum worked. The doctors know that even Gorolanus being a hybrid he is no longer a serious threat he is just another Kaiju that is going to receive an ass whipping from Gamera.

Doctor Antanov-“Did you see that. Cyranax that coward of an alien suddenly disappeared off the planet. Go figure!”

Doctor Daisaka-“It is kind of funny that he did the self-preservation thing. However if that sermon did not work we would not be talking right now. I am glad that everything worked out the way it did so now we will see what Gamera does with this Gorolanus!”

What the scientists and doctors do not realizes the bacteria in fact does work however it cannot be airborne a can at any given time when it comes in contact with Gorolanus his claws it can transmit the bacteria into the body of whatever he grabs. This is something that they did not know! Meanwhile Gamera and Gorolanus are fighting as Gamera grabs a gigantic tree and begins to smash Gorolanus on his back with this tree and he begins to smack him in the face with the tree and this angers Gorolanus as Gorolanus charges him he leaps into the air. Gamera does not expect this and he lunges for Gamera and suddenly while he is in the air all four paws extract these mighty gigantic claws and latch on to Gamera shell.

Gamera tries to shake him off as he tries to do it suddenly feels weak as Gorolanus is completely locked on Gorolanus’s eyes begin to glow red and suddenly he transmits the bacteria directly into the shell of Gamera. Gorolanus releases from Gamera and runs to a safe distance and watches as Gamera is so weak that he collapses right there in front of him.

Doctor Antanov-“Did you see that! I do not believe that Gorolanus has the capabilities of transmitting that bacteria directly into Gamera I guess the serum did something to Gorolanus as it changes the chemical properties of this bacteria so that it is not airborne however it can be transmitted directly through Gorolanus’s claws.”

Doctor Daisaka-“I wonder what is going to happen to Gamera is he going to die?”

It is then that Gamera suddenly ignites his turbines and touch his head in and begins to spin away as he heads towards the Atlantic Ocean and then he crashed into the ocean sinking and floating to the bottom where he can heal however this would not be the case. Suddenly Gorolanus notices that the 2 doctors as well as all the scientists as they immediately run back in to the military high Gorolanus roars and he takes off into the air and he immediately heads towards Moscow. It would not be long before Gorolanus lands in Moscow and begins to destroy everything in its path because of his massive size and strength he is destroyed everything with the slightest of ease. The people are running scared as they have never seen a Kaiju like this. Gorolanus has these mighty wings and he uses them as weapons as he flaps them rapidly he wipes away the buildings people and anything that is loose as if it were a tornado.

Meanwhile back at the Siberian military base the doctors now head out and they head to the airport and they immediately take a flight directly to Japan to Doctor Daisaka’s scientific lab. Why they are heading there is to try to find or create a serum that will destroy Gorolanus and the bacteria that is in his blood because he is a threat and they need to get rid of that threat!

Meanwhile on the ocean floor the bacteria is now completely consumed Gamera’s bloodline as some may think he would go through a healing process in fact he does do that however he goes through a metamorphic change that literally alters his personality as well as his looks. As Gamera lays on the ocean floor restless and weak he is slowly going through a change where his carapace used to have smooth shell plating’s have now changed to jagged and rough and very sharp plating’s. It is then while Gamera’s head is inside of the shell he does manage to pull it out only there is one problem Gamera’s head has completely changed to what looks like an evil coronation of Gamera.

Gamera has been completely converted to an evil nightmare Gamera that they call Azumi Gamera and now Azumi Gamera is fully changed into this nightmare Gamera he is fully charged and ready to go however this is an evil coronation so now the planet has 2 threats that the human race has to face now. Azumi Gamera comes blasting out of the ocean and heads towards New York where he spends into an aerial assault and begins to destroy all of the major buildings in New York City and then he heads over to Manhattan and begins to destroy everything they are in its site.

Meanwhile back in Russia Gorolanus has pretty much destroyed the city of Moscow and now is heading towards a place that is located about 81 miles (130 km) north of the city of Kiev, Ukraine, and about 12 miles (20 km) south of the border with Belarus, this is the place where the noble disaster happened in 1986 it seems that Gorolanus is drawn to the ever so slight radiation that is still left their as he heads towards the reactors. He takes off and heads towards this area and crash lands just in front of the reactors and he says is there is still some radiation within the reactors as he begins to dig and burrow into the reactors releasing tremendous amounts of radiation into the air. The people within a close range with suddenly now be in danger of this catastrophe again.

As Gorolanus burrows deeper he finally gets to the reactors and he consumes all the radiation and he grows even more powerful and bigger as he is now at a whopping 60 m tall and 80 m long. Gamera is still taller but not as long Gamera is 80 m tall from head to tail he is just short of 60 m as well he is very well-rounded. Gorolanus manages to dig his way out of the reactors and consume all the radiation that escaped from the reactors so the humans in this area are completely safe. However Gorolanus is very strong them because he can consume radiation just like Godzilla.

Meanwhile the 2 doctors finally reached Japan and get grave news that they did see Gamera and he was heading towards New York and he was destroying New York with his plasma balls as well as tearing buildings down and taking flight and crashing into the buildings. They say Gamera has gone crazy and he looks completely different than he has ever looked and both doctors look at each other and realize that Gorolanus and the bacteria had an adverse effect on Gamera and he must have changed him into an evil coronation.

Both doctors realize they need to come up with a serum that could possibly change the adverse effects on Gamera and have Gamera fight Gorolanus as the doctors are not aware that Gorolanus has grown and is even more powerful than before. Both doctors work diligently and it would be 3 days later that they finally come up with a cure because they grabbed a sample of the blood that got when Gorolanus was injured they were constantly for 3 days and finally came up with a cure what the serum does is it literally dissolves the bacteria within the blood making the blood pure again. However they have to create a weapon that they can literally either shoot directly into Gamera’s body or literally put it into Gamera’s body. They designed a capsule that is very similar to the oxygen destroyer that was used to kill Godzilla in 1954 however they have to manage to find a way to disperse this inside of the body of Gamera.

The 2 doctors come up with the idea of that somehow they need to take this capsule go inside the body of Gamera and break open the capsule inside his body so that it can cure his entire blood and hopefully bring him back to his normal state. To do this they came up are several ideals one they will use what is called the Milicopter X-1 which is a military helicopter that is fully militarized with weapons as it is equipped with smoke bombs that can be replaced with sleeper bombs. What this particular pilot has to do is literally dropped the sleeper bombs overhead onto Gamera or what took over Gamera and put it to sleep and then we have a scientist who will be placed in a cyber-suit that will protect him from any of the elements that are inside Gamera’s body and he will walk into the mouth of Gamera taking what is called The Oxygenator which is a technical term for clean the blood which in fact this thing will do. The cyber soldier or cyber scientist will walk into the mouth place it near the stomach break it open and then run out of Gamera’s mouth out to safety.

The Oxygenator is the special weapon that is loaded with the serum that will hopefully clean Gamera’s blood of any of that bacteria that cause him to change into what he is today.

Doctor Daisaka- “I will put on the cyber suit and I will walk into Gamera and I will take the oxygenator and activated inside his body I will do this!”

Doctor Antanov-“I cannot have you do that sir you are much too valuable let us just send them one of the soldiers!

Doctor Daisaka-“That would be okay however I am the only one is not as enough and knows how to activate the oxygenator, so unfortunately I have to do this!”

Doctor Antanov-“I do understand and I can see your point as to why you want to do this however I discover one thing to say to you. Make sure you come back!”

With the cheering hand Doctor Daisaka is now fitted with the cyber suit that will protect him from the elements inside Gamera as he is being fitted we had over to the Japanese airport where the Milicopter-X1 is now fitted with the sleeper bombs and Doctor Daisaka is ready to board the aircraft carrier Artemis 1 it is a new aircraft carrier that is capable of holding military helicopters, jets anything military based and this particular aircraft is the largest thing on the ocean today.

They had for the borders of New York they would arrive there in less than a day because they travel day and night to reach the destination before Gamera escapes and goes elsewhere. Once there Doctor Daisaka is fitted with a cyber-suit and he immediately boards the helicopter and they start their flight into New York and they head towards Manhattan. The helicopter manages to find Gamera oh what is supposed to be Gamera it is the Azumi Gamera as it is sleeping and it immediately wakes up once it hears a helicopter however the pilot takes immediate action and drops the sleeper bombs on top of a sleeping Gamera who suddenly wakes up and immediately breeze in the chemicals that were exploded from the sleeper bombs.

Azumi Gamera immediately gets up and begins to destroy the buildings once again and the helicopter is watching closely to see what this Azumi Gamera will do if it will fall sleep it is waiting to see if it happens. After what seems like 10 minutes the Azumi Gamera is starting to slow down and he is swaying back and forth as he is getting tired and that he finally collapses onto a building sliding down the building into the streets as he sleeps however the chemicals in the sleeper bomb will only hold him for as long as 20 minutes so Doctor Daisaka is now immediately lowered down to the area of the mouth of Azumi Gamera and in his hands he holds the oxygenator as we see it. It is a very eerie and similar feeling to when Dr. Serizawa had with his intervention with Godzilla back in 1954.

Doctor Daisaka slowly walks up to the heavy breathing Azumi Gamera and manages the walk into his mouth as it is very soft inside he is having a tough time walking he literally drops the oxygenator but manages to pick it up and work his way towards the stomach of this Gamera. The key is to throw the oxygenator into the stomach acid of this Gamera and it will dissolve in flows through the bloodstream of the giant Terrapin. It would literally take 5 minutes to get down there and the conditions inside the body are extremely hot so he is having a tough time seeing.

Because it is steaming up the glass in his helmet but he does manage to make his way in and he comes up to what looks like a volcano of acid and bubbles and heavy smoke this has to be the stomach of Gamera he immediately looks at the oxygenator and tosses it into the liquid and then he pulls out his detonator and heads out of Gamera’s mouth and immediately pushes the red button and then the oxygenator explodes inside the liquid and the liquid suddenly turns pink as his entire insides begin to turn red and this missed flows all through the inside of his body as it makes its way towards his blood stream.

Doctor Daisaka immediately runs towards the helicopter because he knows that Gamera is going to wake up at any given time. He immediately runs and jumps into the helicopter and then the helicopter takes off and flies to a safe distance as the doctor and the pilot watch to see what happens to this Gamera. The weight would not be long as we start to see immediate changes and the Azumi Gamera is no more as it changes back to the normal Gamera once again and Gamera’s blood line is now fully cured and free of that bacteria.

Gamera immediately wakes up stands up and all of a sudden his back plates begin to emerge what looks like turbines there are 6 of them on his back as well as his legs and his head he has a bunch of turbines that will give him immediately lift off. He does so and Gamera fashion! Gamera immediately spends into the air and heads towards Russia to finish what he started!

Doctor Daisaka immediately contact Doctor Antanov and lets him know that everything was a success and that Gamera has taken off and is heading towards Russia to go after Gorolanus. It is almost immediately that Gamera would reach Moscow however he sees the destruction but does not see the monster he then senses a slight built of radiation so he is assuming that Gorolanus is drawn to the radiation and heads in that direction.

Gamera is spinning over Chernobyl and realizes that Gorolanus is playing around the reactors as he is consumed by radiation however Gamera does not have his hands full because Gorolanus is a lot bigger now and much more powerful so he has his hands full. Gorolanus notices Gamera immediately and takes flight and goes after Gamera however Gamera is very maneuverable in the air and can be very evasive as they fly and they hit each other in Kaiju fashion in a surprise attack and maneuver Gamera manages to clip Gorolanus in the head knocking him to the ground and when he crashes to the ground one of his wings breaks as he screams in pain.

Gamera spends into action using a flipping motion as he lands on his feet he slides into the rubble that is destroyed by Gorolanus and immediately stopped in front of Gorolanus as he is screaming in pain because of a broken wing. Gamera looks at the creature with a certain sympathy however he knows that this creature can be a threat to humanity so Gamera knows what he needs to do. He knows that the creature can no longer fly so he takes to the air and begins his aerial assault of many plasma bombs as they climb up on Gorolanus and one manages to hit him and heavily damaged Gorolanus to the point he is barely alive because these plasma balls are so intense that if anything gets hit by then it is almost inevitable death and that depends on how powerful the Kaiju is.

Gamera flies in immediate aerial fashion once again he takes a routine of plasma balls and hit some 3 plasma balls directly into the monster and literally killing the monster to the point that he burns up in a ball of fire. Gamera immediately lands crash lands as he normally does and looks on as a creature is screaming and suddenly dies as it burns into ash he looks to the sky to see that the ashes disappearing into the air. Gamera looks on and looks at the sky again and knows that this creature is no more suddenly the turbines open up as he blesses straight to the sky and disappears only to be seen in another adventure of Gamera.

The 2 doctors as well as the many scientists who created the hybrid have come to the conclusion that creating a hybrid Kaiju like this would be truly amazing however in needs to be very friendly as well as not so threatening like Gorolanus. Gorolanus was a graceful and beautiful creature however it had to be destroyed because of the bacteria element that was in his body otherwise this truly amazing Griffin like monster still be alive today and it would be placed on Monster Island with the other Kaiju’s. Meanwhile Gamera has disappeared our Savior has once again saved the planet from total destruction now the question remains where is Cyranax. That question was soon answered because Cyranax suddenly reappears in the sky of Japan and warns both doctors as well as the military that this is not over you might have destroyed my Chimerian beast Gorolanus as Cyranax continues to threaten them he pretty much warns them that he will be back with a new beast, so earth be ready for another attack!

The End

Gamera Suit Designs

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address –


Shodaigame Gamera Suit

Shodaigame Gamera Suit is a technical name for the Showa Series of Gamera’s and the suits used in this series.

First let me explain the word Shodai in means first-generation and the word game segment comes from the word Gamera.

The Shodaigame suit design is based on the appearance of a gigantic terminal that has fingers would very long claws on each hand as well as five toes with very sharp claws as well. Plus it has a very long tail. The underside of the shell for carapace as a brick -like pattern. While the top of the carapace has several spikes protruding from the shelf itself. The Gamera suits face was made to look very menacing with small angry -looking eyes. The most famous aspect about this suit and all other Gamera suits are gigantic tusks that protrude from the lower jaw. This suit also has a very pointed snout. The ridge on the top of is also much more pronounced than in the later design of Gamera suits.

During the flying scenes as we all know Gamera is capable of flight. They use a miniature puppet that is roughly around 3 feet in length it was constructed just for the flying scenes. They would actually suspend this puppet using piano wire and it was filled with a mechanism that was capable of spewing flames from his arms and leg holes.

Barugame, Girongame, Jaigagame, Jiguragame Suit Design

These particular suits were used respectively in the movies Gamera vs Baugon, Gamera versus Guiron, Gamera versus Jiger, and Gamera versus Zigra. The suit actor that portrayed Gamera in these skills his name is Umenosuke Izumi.

Barugame suit design was used in the movie Gamera versus Barugon which came out in 1966. Baru simply means in Japanese translation Barugon. Game console the word Gamera.

Girongame suit design is used in 1969, 1970 and 1971 films as I mentioned above. In Gamera versus Guiron which came out in 1969 the name comes from Giron which simply means in Japanese translation Guiron. Game comes from the word Gamera.

Jaigagame suit design also means Jaiga consular Japanese translation of Jiger. Game comes from the word Gamera.

Jiguragame suit design also means Jigura consular Japanese translation of Zigra. Game comes from the word Gamera.

Girongame suit design heroic and friendly appearance of Gamera that has been well established from the previous suits that were used in Gamera versus Gyaos which came out in 1967. This particular suit is very similar to the modified Barugame suit that features large benign eyes that are very yellow in color. I also like to mention that this suit is a lot lighter in color than his previous incarnations. The carapace was backside of the shell still has those similar features that his representation of those five-like structures. However there is one significant difference as they now sit flat on the shell and no longer protrude out word.

Heiseigame Suit Design

Heiseigame is the actual Gamera suit design that was used in “Gamera Guardian of the Universe” which came out in 1995.

The word Heisei comes from the timelines which fluctuates between the Godzilla films and the Gamera films. In comparison to the Showa series of Gamera suits. They are significantly different in appearance.

This particular suit has eye sockets that are more circular compared to the previous Gamera suits. This suits head is much more muscular. The search carapace or shell is very similar to the previous designs, bought the place on the carapace are fixed very tightly together. However they are much more detailed by comparison. It is also noted that this particular Gamera suit utilizes electronics within the head and eyes. By doing this it does give Gamera the ability to blink. This particular suit also begins a trend of designing Gamera to resemble a leatherback turtle.

Regiongame Gamera Suit Design

This suit is the Gamera suit design that was used in Gamera 2: Attack of Legion.

The name Region comes from another Kaiju name in the movie Gamera 2: Attack of Legion now what name it comes from is unknown. Game comes from the name Gamera.

This design is very similar to the previous suit design but it does have some minor differences. The suits arms now mentions on them which allows them to lock into points on the suit when it is being used during flight scenes. They resemble that of little fins or gliders. The suits had as been changed ever so slightly from the Heiseigame suit design and the bones on its skull are more defined. The suits tusks or slightly longer and the pattern of plates on the underside are made much larger and that is due to his special weapon that he uses in this film and it is called Mana Blast Attack so that it could be animated when it is in use. This suit alongside with the newer suit called Irisugame was made with softer materials in some parts. The reason for this is so that it could be damaged realistically by the mother Legion and the soldier Legion’s during the film. This very same suit was later refurbished and used in the movie Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris as The Nightmare Gamera or Trauma Gamera. As we all know the suit was modified to more closely resemble the new Gamera suit, was given all lot of spiky growths all over his body and this was incorporated with white pupil-less eyes. This is a very cool design for a Gamera as many people have done resin kits based on this particular design.

Irisugame Suit Design

This particular suit design was used in the film Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris.

Irisu comes from a Kaiju name that was used in the movie Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris and also the word Iris. Game comes from the word Gamera.

In comparison to the other Gamera suits Regiongame, Heiseigame the Irisugame more closely resembles that of the original design all the 1965 Gamera. I will say in my opinion this is the best design so far. Even in the concept trailer that was shown on YouTube about a year ago it was very similar to this design. It does feature a much more fierce appearance. The suits eyes are less circular than the previous Heisei series suit designs. The extension of his arms are no longer present. The plates on his shell or carapace are in fact longer, articulated and more irregular in shape, and its legs and arms are much more muscular. One cool feature about this suit design is the CGI incorporation of his carapace the plates on his shell to clap up and down. This is a very cool scene. There are certain points on the suit which are compromised with a softer fabric much like the Regiongame suit also had. This allows the Kaiju Iris and Gyaos suits to damage it. This suit also has a “mane” of spikes on the top of his neck and which they are a dark blue color. There was in fact another suit that was used for The Nightmare Gamera or as some people would like to call it trauma Gamera that appears in Ayana’s nightmares. As I mentioned before this particular version of Gamera was portrayed using the original Regiongame suit.

Gamera: Kaiju Attack

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address –


“It is a little known fact that life will take whatever form it must: because an 80 foot monster with an enormous carapace and a fire breathing head as some would like to call it a dinosaur however we all know it is a Kaiju of gigantic proportions. Has to fight many kaiju in its time!”

G Day is a day that Gamera did attack Tokyo and totally destroyed everything in its path. As Tokyo ladies and waste Gamera has not been seen for more than six months and people Tokyo slowly rebuilding Tokyo back to its former glory it will take many years for this to happen.

We resume in to a building that is barely standing from the destruction of Gamera and as we resume and we see a young woman staring out on the broken building staring at the devastation caused by Gamera. She turns around to see her mother laying there in the bed sick and depressed and she turns to say to her mother Akane turns to her mother and me and has this to say…

Akane-“mom we do not have time for this. Come on!”

Emi-“Akane father needs his medication and he is still very disappointed in you! And he will be very upset if he finds out that you are still here!”

Akane-“Mama don’t have time for this and you know dad is gone and you also need to understand that there are Kaiju out there still attacking the city! Now get up and let’s get out of here!

Arguing with her mother Akane senses that something is wrong and suddenly turns around and looks out the window only to discover a gigantic eyeball is looking right back at her! It is one of those creatures that attach Gamera and I believe they called it Jiger this monster stands at a height of 50 m and is roughly 100 m long and it has horns on its face.

It suddenly smashes into the building and Akane grabs her mother and runs immediately down the stairs as the monsters crashing through the building. They managed to make it down the stairs to a certain point but the building is so fractured they are not sure if they connect you make it to the ground.

Meanwhile outside Jiger is being attacked by Apache helicopters and a military strike. Suddenly a new machine shows up and it has a special weapon on it and it fires the weapon and Israel directly into the body of Jiger and Jiger suddenly collapses. This new machine literally put the Kaiju to sleep. The military then take the monster through a new facility located on an island just off in Japan.

It would be one year later Akane managed to survive the onslaught of Jiger however mother has since passed away from her disease. Akane is now walking the streets lonely and desolate and pondering the fact what is there left in life as he continues to look at the total destruction of the city. As she is walking the streets of the city there are many people running around trying to survive as there are still many Kaiju destroying Japan.

Akane looks around and sees the loneliness in people as she gazes upon their face and then suddenly a loud rumble grabs her attention from behind and she turns around to see a gigantic knife wielding Kaiju they call Guiron he is destroying all of the buildings by doing sites wipes and working his way towards Akane who is now in a full run for her life. All the people scramble to get out of this monsters way.

Akane suddenly sees a motorcycle laying on the ground running she really jumps on it takes off in these Guiron in the dust as he cannot keep up with this motorcycle. The question remains is where is Gamera? Who will protect the people of Japan when and if these Kaiju decide to show up! Akane continues to ride the bike all the way out of the city to a local Lake which has a old country store that sells believe it or not Kaiju toys and comic books.

She slowly stops by the store as you know she is out of danger and she gradually walked into the store and is greeted by an old Japanese gentleman was missing a few teeth and is very redneck in nature. He greets her…

Goro-“hello young lady my name is Goro I am the owner of the store. If you find anything or need any help please let me know!

Akane-(loose at the store owner exhaustingly) “thank you sir I will!”

As Akane is looking around the store she comes across a puppy with two heads and this startles her and she looks at the store owner and was back down at the two headed puppy.

Akane-“excuse me sir Goro is it (pointing down at the two headed puppy) do you mind explaining what this is?”

Goro-“ever since the Kaiju attacked Tokyo and certain cities within Japan there has been a strange anomaly of deformed animals and I think that is due to something about the Kaiju and I am honestly not sure but I have seen many deformed animals because of this!”

Akane-(petting the two headed puppy) he is rather cute even though he has two heads that to me seems a little odd but it’s something we can get used to. They say two heads are better than one LOL.”

Akane decides to leave the store and walks outside with Goro and they are having a nice conversation about the deformity of the dog when suddenly a huge shadow looms over them and Akane and Goro at the same time look up to discover a gigantic birdlike monster hovering over them. Akane recognize the bird as a Hyper Gyaos and immediately runs and jumps into the boat that is located by the lake.

Goro runs into the building and suddenly the Hyper Gyaos begins to scream and a laser light beam shoots out of his mouth directly into the store’s front and totally destroys the entire building with one explosion killing Goro and the double-headed puppy manages to escape and runs and jumps into the boat with Akane.

She fires up the boat as issued across the lake the Hyper Gyaos flies across the lake and lunches for the boats however missing it and suddenly the Hyper Gyaos flies over the mountains and disappears it is heading towards the direction of Tokyo. Akane continues to travel down the lake all over to the very and in manages to get out of the boat grabbing the puppy as a travel into the woods out of harm’s way.

The Hyper Gyaos finally reaches the outskirts of Shinjuku and decides to destroy the entire city people running frantic all through the city and there is nothing to stop this monster from destroying the city is then two more Hyper Gyaos show up as they were summoned by the original Hyper Gyaos and they all continue to attack Shinjuku.

Fishermen are paused as a fish in Lake Yamanaka which is located near Shinjuku and suddenly the boat begins to rise as a gigantic shell like atoll floats to the surface and the fishermen don’t know what to make of it economy resembles a tiny island.

Hajimiko-(hanging on for dear life so he does not fall over into the water) “Daisuke what the heck is that?”

Daisuke-(also hanging onto the boat so he does not fall into the water) Hajimiko I also don’t know it looks like a floating island!”

Suddenly the atoll begins to stand up it is Gamera both made the fishing boat began to scream! Gamera looks to the sky and with his thrusters he blesses out of the water causing gigantic waves that literally knock both Hajimiko and Daisuke out of their boat into the water. They stand floating in the water looking up as they see Gamera right himself and suddenly spent into position as he takes off into the skies. Gamera finally shows up in Shinjuku only to be confronted by three Hyper Gyaos in the fight ensues.

Gamera shoots plasma balls as well as aerial assaults at the three Hyper Gyaos and he does manage to kill two of them with his aerial assault attacks. Which leaves one who is very resourceful and at the same time is afraid of Gamera’s onslaught. However Gamera is heavy on history as he is determined to kill this monster. The Hyper Gyaos does in fact fly into the buildings and how the buildings want Gamera shooting plasma balls destroying the buildings behind the Hyper Gyaos as he manages to miss it.

People running frantically in the street as Gamera is destroying everything to stop this Hyper Gyaos and people are in a constant threat because of it. Gamera does eventually lead right in the heart of Shinjuku and he looks up around the buildings that are clearly a lot taller than him and he searches for the Hyper Gyaos. Not expecting it the Hyper Gyaos clips him from behind and smashes Gamera directly into the building and the building collapses in on him however he does manage the work his way out.

He writes himself and he watches the Hyper Gyaos flying around in sequence as he tries to time it he suddenly realizes what he needs to do the Hyper Gyaos is making the same flight pattern and then he realizes if he searches plasma ball at the right time will be able to flip the Hyper Gyaos.

He watches carefully and then suddenly shoots a plasma ball directly down the center street of Shinjuku and it hits the Hyper Gyaos directly in the chest totally destroying the bird. Gamera did in fact rid of all the threats and he looks towards the sky and then looks down at the people and the people look at him as if to say thank you Gamera and he takes to the skies and disappears into the sky.

Meanwhile Akane in the double-headed puppy are making their way through the jungle or the wooded area and come across this triple dome scientific type lab is very huge and hidden from sight because it is way out in the country deep in the woods and she notices that there are soldiers all around this particular building is a military hive of gigantic proportions. Curiosity gets the best of Akane as she grabs the puppy and he managed to slip by the first set of guards in the hide behind us gigantic generator type unit.

There behind the unit is where she manages to slip and to this event and work your way into the building just to see what is going on. After much deliberation she does make it to the main centralized unit within the building and realizes that there are scientists working on Kaiju in this building. She is shocked at what she is saying the scientists who actually captured Jiger has Jiger strapped down to a platform and they are doing testing or God knows what they’re doing to this Kaiju.

Akane looks around the lab and habits to notice over in the corner a gigantic tank that is loaded with liquid and has tubes running through it however the most amazing thing about this tank is the fact there is something moving inside it’s resembles a squid with a very pointy had an very sharp red eyes and it also has a birdlike peak and on the top of it is a gigantic nameplate that literally says “Viras Beware” apparently that is the name of this Kaiju is not as big as Jiger however it is floating around in the liquid and it does know that Akane is in the building as he is looking in the very same area that she is in and they eventually make eye contact.

Suddenly Viras looks at Akane and then turned his head towards Jiger and with his mind control he takes control of the Kaiju and suddenly the Kaiju breaks free from his harnesses and manages to escape the lab as it scurries through the woods and because of his borrowing capabilities girls itself in the ground and disappears and suddenly Viras is beside himself because he cannot escape his surroundings because he can survive outside of water or so they think. What they don’t realizes Viras is an alien from a different world.

Akane looks on without anyone noticing and she starts to hear this large humming sound and it increases in size and as she was watching Viras he is vibrating to the point that the tank that was encasing him suddenly explodes. After the smoke and water clear we see bars floating in the air and looks at the scientists and starts to make this laughing type cry as he flies he takes off out of the lab and disappears.

Viras disappears into Lake Yamagata word Gamera originally was and once he hits the lake because of the water properties he immediately grew to gigantic proportions down deep within the lake. Akane and the puppy starts yelping she covers both her miles as you know she needs to get out there and she does manage to slip back through the events and back outside and then she suddenly disappears past the soldiers and back into the woods.

She comes across this house with an old lady and she begins to have a conversation with her as this old lady takes a liking to this double-headed puppy and that is when Akane came up with the ideal of given the puppy to the old lady for comfort. The old lady hesitates but eventually she accepts an economy leaves and disappears back into the woods.

Jiger was last seen in Shinjuku as a burled into the ground and now it is reported that Jiger had showed up in Shingawa this is a town that’s located south of Shinjuku. Jiger continues to destroy everything in its path and meanwhile Gamera senses that Jiger has showed up in Shingawa immediately takes off and heads towards Shingawa and he does in fact arrive as he comes crashing down to fight Jiger. Jiger has this incredible weapon that he can literally inject eggs into a body and it acts just like an incubator.

Gamera is aware of this because he has fought Jiger before there is only one thing I can stop Jiger and it’s a secret statue is called “The Devil’s Whistle” which is located on the island in which you came from and it’s the original birthplace of Jiger. Jiger and Gamera look at each other as they know they have fought before Gamera approaches Jiger and Jiger starts walking towards Gamera and they fight however Jiger flips Gamera over as he crashes into the buildings he lands on his carapace which we all know he can’t get up when he’s on his back.

Jiger then close up on top of Gamera and begins to scratch and claw at Gamera’s chest and then suddenly Gamera uses his thrusters and begins to spend in place knocking Jiger completely away from Gamera as it flies into the buildings temporarily knocking out Jiger.

Gamera is now in flight and Jiger eventually gets back up on her feet and rights herself and Gamera comes in with an assault of plasma balls this is a new Gamera this Gamera choose plasma balls not fire. He shoots three consecutive plasma balls at Jiger and all three hit consecutively and they do heavy damage to Jiger scan and face she is now heavily damaged. Gamera then went back on his feet as he sees Jiger dragging her face across the ground because it is heavily damaged.

Gamera slowly walks up to Jiger as this was a ploy as she suddenly attacked Gamera knocking him down once again only this time she plans on doing some damage however Gamera is not going to fall for this for the second time he eventually spends again and this time he takes off and leaves Jiger and disappears.

Gamera has over to the island where he does manage to find what is called “The Devil’s Whistle” and manages to bring it back Jiger recognizes the vibration and sounds of the devil’s whistle as she knows she is in deep trouble now. Gamera comes crashing down however Jiger is trying to leave by burrowing into the ground and Gamera lays down The Devil’s Whistle and goes after Jiger grabbed her tail and pulled her back up out of the ground.

He then manages to swing her over with such thrust that she goes flying through the air crashing into the buildings. Jiger is on her back and Gamera immediately grabs the devil’s whistle and takes possession. Once Jiger rights herself she is now in position Gamera then takes the devil’s whistle and throws it directly in her direction and the devil’s whistle automatically locks into Jiger impaling her directly in the four head and automatically killing her as she collapses in the rubble below. Once again Gamera is victorious and we all know that Jiger is now dead Gamera then takes off into the air and disappears once again.

Meanwhile in Shinjuku in Lake Yamanaka Viras has taken control of a goblin shark and transformed it into the monster Zigra and now has control of Zigra for his beck and call. Gamera shows up at Lake Yamanaka and Gamera crashes down into Lake Yamanaka where there he is confronted by both Zigra and Viras. Viras stands back and allows Zigra to attack Gamera as they fight on the water Zigra now has a special powers of using a supersonic laser underwater and he begins his attack clipping Gamera on the shoulders knocking into the of the lake there Zigra takes position and inverts himself using his friends as razor blades and he continues to cut into Gamera.

However Gamera does right himself and eventually starts to evade Zigra’s attack and he tries to go after Viras however that is thwarted by Zigra’s constant attack and Gamera realizes he needs to take Zigra out first before he can get to Viras. Because this is a new Gamera Zigra is unaware of Gamera’s plasma ball attack Gamera turns around as Zigra swims into position to charge him once again only this time Gamera shoots three consecutive plasma balls directly into Zigra’s path. The first two plasma balls miss him however the third one hits him directly in the face totally destroying Zigra as he explodes on impact.

Viras knows he’s going to be attacked and perhaps killed by Gamera he then sends out a telepathic way and contacts the monster Barugon which everyone believes and was thought to be dead inside the lake however it has gone through a massive change is a late monster now and can survive on land and water. Gamera then goes after Viras and continues to fight with Viras as he wraps his tentacles around Gamera as he tries to squeeze the life out of him eventually breaks loose and eventually grabs Viras and both come splashing out all the water straight into the sky and as a continue towards the night sky as they get closer to the outer regions of the atmosphere.

Viras because he is an alien is very susceptible to cold and suddenly freezes were no other kind you would freeze like this the materials that this monster is made of cannot handle this kind of cold weather and as they get further into the sky he does manage to freeze however he literally breaks apart in full into dust and Gamera is left holding nothing. Viras is now gone and is no longer a threat to the planet earth. Gamera knows he has dealt with a lot of Kaiju and once again takes off into the night sky disappearing into the ocean to recoup from his fights with Viras, Zigra, Jiger and the Hyper Gyaos. Gamera is completely wounded and at the same time completely exhausted he needs to revitalize and so he lays on the ocean bottom healing.

It would be several days later that the monster Guiron finally shows up and begins to wreak havoc on the very same city that Jiger attacked and that is Shingawa there Guiron continues to cities where Jiger could not and suddenly in the ocean Gamera is fully revitalized as he wakes up because blasting out of the water flying toward Shingawa.

Gamera would eventually reach Shingawa to fight Guiron and they both fight and a very hard fight Gamera is sliced up pretty bad because Guiron is a Kaiju that is in the shape of a knife head. In a certain attack where does manage to use his knife head attack as he manages to slice one of Gamera’s arms off. Gamera backs off as he realizes he is heavily damaged now. Guiron was a Gamera and starts to make a crazy laugh as if to say I just beat you.

It is then Guiron suddenly starts to turn white and freeze almost immediately and it is the monster Barugon who actually froze Guiron and killed him Gamera realizes he needs to take a grant of the situation and shoot as plasma ball at Guiron and he explodes immediately into a million pieces. Now that that Kaiju is gone he’s got to deal with the light use of all Kaiju and that is Barugon.

Gamera cannot fight Barugon as he looks at Barugon he is completely different than what he used to be because even though he was in that lake he has changed because his physical properties allow him to adapt to his environment which in this case was the lake he is very amphibious look and he has reptilian skin texture along with weblike feet and he also has enlarged dorsal plates which gives him a Komodo Dragon like look. This Barugon is much more powerful and has much more impressive weapons that are the original did.

Gamera cannot fight this monster right now as he has just lost one arm from the Guiron attack. Gamera looks to the skies and ignites his thrusters and disappears into the night sky. Barugon no longer has a threat to worry about so he continues to destroy the city of Shingawa and the people running frantically to get away from this monster as he freezes everything in its path the people running and automatically stopped in their tracks from the freezer.

Barugon continues to walk and destroy everything stepping on the people that he just froze totally destroying them like crushed ice. As Barugon continues the onslaught Barugon looks to the sky and notices a bright shiny star like the fact as he gets closer he now realizes that this is Gamera he has returned.

Gamera comes crashing down only this time when you see him he is completely different he has been mechanized and his arm is totally mechanical which has an impressive weapon on that arm he looks at Barugon and raises his mechanical arm and shows him the actual weapon it is a fire like sword that extracts from his arm however it has fire and can reach an internal temperature of anywhere from 2000 to 3000°F.

This particular weapon is just the opposite of what Barugon has so this will be the clash of titans. Gamera then deactivates the weapon and now is going to fight Barugon and because Barugon’s got great jumping capabilities he automatically launches for Gamera knocked into the ground.

Meanwhile Akane has been traveling on buses or any kind transportation that she can get her hands on and she makes her way to Shingawa why she is there we do not know. She would eventually make it and she would be watching the fight between Gamera and Barugon and she watches from afar so she doesn’t get killed in the attack. Gamera continues to fight Barugon and continues to pound on him with that metal arm of his as well as his basic attacks he then lunges into the air automatically spinning into place and his outer shell pleadings automatically extract out forming blade like situations there these are now like a circular saw so whatever he spends into it will cut and slice it apart.

He does this to Barugon and it hits Barugon directly into the face slice and wide-open as he bleeds and Barugon flies back into the buildings and the buildings crumbled down on top of him and Barugon does make his way out of the rubble and begins to use his freeze right however Gamera stops dead in his flight and comes crashing down and uses his mechanical arm and extracts the fire sword and use it against Barugon’s freeze Ray and does quite well however Gamera decides to use an aerial assault with this sword and spends into position slicing the tongue apparatus slice and it completely and half and now it is useless to Barugon.

Gamera charges Barugon with his thrusters as he smashed directly into the monster literally grabbing him and taking with him and crashing into the buildings in front of him. Barugon is completely dazed and confused at this point however he does get up shakes off Gamera’s attack and puts himself in a position to use his rainbow weapon and he does this and it does have Gamera however Gamera is quick enough to get out of the way so it does not do heavy damage to him.

Barugon has one secret weapon that was incorporated into his new body arsenal. Barugon places himself in position uses the rainbow weapon and raises his tail and his tail connects with the rainbow weapon and it is now a rainbow weapon combination freeze weapon, so anything that he touches it would automatically freeze and with the rainbow weapon shatter it to 1 million pieces.

This is a very quick move all yes do is raise his tail it automatically activates a weapon and this is what he does and he does have Gamera with it and Gamera loses his metal arm and weapon as if false the ground and Gamera goes flying back for what seemed like 500 feet as he smashes into the buildings below and he goes past the buildings still sliding on his carapace this is an impressive weapon that literally knocked Gamera out. As you can see Gamera is not completely destroyed but he is heavily damaged and frozen at the same time.

Akane watches in fear and what people don’t realizes is Akane is a special weapon that was created just for Gamera for this particular situation. Akane realizes as she senses that she is there for that very purpose and suddenly the whole entire body goes live her head leans back as you float into the air and as she’s floating into the air her entire body disappears into a mast and then the mast traveled down the street and totally surrounds Gamera’s damaged body. It would be literally 5 to 10 minutes later that we realized what Akane and her purpose was used for.

Gamera goes through a massive change as we see all of his wounds are suddenly healing and his arm is growing back and he goes through further changing he is not the kind looking traditional looking Gamera that we all came to know what Gamera looks like it does in fact change into a very evil and dark looking Gamera and his head as well as his carapace changes to accommodate this change.

Gamera suddenly gets up and screams into the night sky as it looks at Barugon it starts charging and working its way over to Barugon and Barugon lease into the air after this Gamera however this Gamera is much too strong for this Barugon. Gamera grabs him in midair and turns around and throws him back as he flies into the rubble and Barugon gets up again and realizes he now has his hands full. This is a much more powerful Gamera and it was created by the Atlantean’s who in turn created Akane as the sole spirit of the new Gamera.

The new Gamera has much more powerful plasma balls as he shoots three consecutive plasma balls at Barugon and then he shoots a fourth one which is very different in color is because Gamera possesses a special weapon inside his body that allows him to change the properties of his plasma balls. He is now capable of creating freezing plasma balls.

The three plasma balls hit Barugon consecutively and then the fourth one which is pure white hits Barugon and automatically freezes Barugon and then Gamera choose one final plasma ball and as it hits Barugon it totally destroys and blows him apart into 1 million pieces.

Gamera steps back as he realized he had fought so many Kaiju that he is now completely exhausted but has one the entire fight. It looks to the sky and roars and his roar echoes across the sky he then uses his leg thrusters and shoot straight into the air there he inverts himself into a spinning attack and start spending in place and suddenly shoots into the night sky disappear. We now know that Akane had to sacrifice herself in order for the new Gamera to do what he needed to do in this new Gamera is now the new protector of planet Earth.

The End